Friday, May 25, 2007

Holiday Frenzy

Are you hungry yet??? This is not what we're having today-today it's lobster rolls and home made cole slaw and lemon blueberry birthday cake. I want to thank you all who were kind enough to say Hi and Happy Birthday to Roger. We are having a quiet day together in prep for a little bit of action tomorrow regarding the recliner I bought. It's too darn big. It looks like a throne next to my other furniture and it's so big that he has to wrench himself over to even put up the foot rest. So tomorrow I'm going out to the store to talk to my (hopefully) friendly salesman, Jason, and see if I can't get them to pick it up and replace it with the lovely big chair and ottoman which I looked at first. The chair matches my other furniture perfectly, while still being big and comfy and allowing Roger to put his feet up comfortably. I think this recliner is meant for a big man but also a very tall man. Roger is in such awful pain from the shoulder thing that he needs help to get up out of it. Not gonna work for us. Please say a small prayer that it doesn't cost a bank loan to get this thing settled. The only other thing would be to give this chair to BIL Bob if he wants it and order the other one for us. I think Bob will probably have the same issues with it as Roger though. Too much chair. You should see it though, it looks like the Queen Mary pulled into my living room. Really too much chair.

Anyway, we have cracked and cleaned the lobster and I have the cole slaw going and the cake is here. From the look of things it won't last long-any of it!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and enjoy yourselves doing whatever makes you happiest. I received the donation Hearts quilt back from Deb Geyer and I'm going to sit and marvel at how beautiful it is. I will take a picture for you soon. You can't imagine how lovely it looks. I have also finished Dani's Mom Cheryl's table runner for her birthday, which by coincidence is also today. Our temps have spiked up to 80+ and we now have the air on for the rest of the summer, gratefully. As predicted it's too much too soon. From 48 Mon. morning to 86 today is too much for me. I will bask in the cool and try to dig my way out of the mess I've made everywhere this week. We look like the Clampetts around here but then it is the Birthday season. If I didn't think it would put me into a coma-I would have one of the drinks you see above. I think I'll stick with the iced tea for now....for now


Deb R said...

Lobster rolls....Mmmmmm! (Although I must admit that burger looks pretty darn good too!)

Hope you have a great weekend, Dee! :-)

Libby said...

I'm not familiar with a lobster roll, but boy-oh-boy that burger sure looks yummy *s*

Finn said...

Hi Dee, the lobster roll looks delish! Count me in for leftovers..*VBS*, and cake for sure. I'll add my hopes and prayers for an easy 'switch' or return. Hugs, Finn