Thursday, May 03, 2007

takin' the long way home

Sorry for not blogging much this week-I've been hanging out with my little friends.
Seriously, I'm so sore from the increased activity that I'm making my way around rather slowly from one thing to the next like a robot. I am beginning to feel better but then I knew I would have a couple of bad weeks going in to this exercise program. I like it and it's making me feel good mentally and sort of physically. Not quite in the dancing in the streets mode yet-keep an eye out for me on your block. Yesterday they played a bunch of Beach Boys stuff to accompany the work-out. I am waiting for the day when I too will be dancing and bopping like some of the other gals. This increase in activity comes at the worst time of year for me-I am barely able to breathe through my nose and the pollen is making me feel awful. Yesterday I thought I could lay down and sleep for the whole day. My body ached and I felt like a bus hit me. Today-the sun is shining(big factor in attitude)and I feel much more like it's doing me some good.
I'm not getting a lot done in the quilting-sewing world. I sent out a box-o-books to Tommy the Material Girl yesterday. She was looking for a bear pattern for a baby quilt. While I had that one ready to go I just threw in two other books that had a lot of baby stuff that I know I will never use again. I'm sure I will make baby quilts again but Tommy was interested in applique and I have come to the sad realization that my eyes and hands are just not that comfy doing that stuff anymore. I think that's why I'm really enjoying the fusible applique stuff so much. I could do the regular applique but as we all know, I have issues with perfection and so I would make my little hands into tiny little angry mitts of pain. At this point in my life I've pretty much decided to take the "if it doesn't feel like fun, I'm not doing it" approach to my art. Taking a meaningful line from some deep thinking sage..."if not now-when? If I don't enjoy what I'm doing now pushing that 60 hard, when exactly will I feel comfortable in my artistic shoes??? I think this is the great thing about being this age. You finally let go of so many useless things and hopefully some stupid expectations. I was always a woman who needed to get dressed and put on my make-up before being seen in public. These delightful woman I work out with are helping me not feel self-conscious about how I look. It's very liberating to someone who thought she was fairly liberated to begin with. A new approach perhaps.In so many ways, peace is what I'm after. Like giving away the two quilts to charity and the books I've given away lately. It's all leading to lightness-hopefully of spirit and body.
I would kill for a piece of chocolate


QuiltingFitzy said...

The aches and pains of age are NOT fun, this I know from experience.

About the shoes, unless you have orthodics to deal with try some of the Crocs. They were the BEST investment I ever made.

Tommy is thrilled you had the pattern, you were wonderful to share it with her.

Gerrie said...

I like to think, at my age (68- yikes) that is so much more about the journey and not the destination. I want my life to be meaningful and challenging, but not stressful so if I don't make a deadline or lose a pound a week, it is ok! (I hope.)

Rian said...

Many, many years ago, we boomers had this mantra, "If it feels good do it." Now we say, "If it doesn't feel good, don't do it." Oh dear, when did this happen! And we were the ones who said never trust anyone over 30.

I do not enjoy handwork. I look at the beautiful stitches that our CQ friends do but I don't want to be bothered. What does feel good, however, is to be "old" enough to not feel guilty about saying that.

Darcie said...

You are taking on so many changes, both physically and emotionally. One word: Ghirardelli!

In my book...that often translates to: Sanity. ;-)

Granny Fran said...

It's great to find someone else who thinks there are great benefits to being an old woman; such as learning to accept yourself and realizing that you can do whatever you please; except, of course, things that require us to be fast and agile.