Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh the shoes!!! and progress on the bright blocks

I got this sweet little book at the Library the other day and I can only call it eye candy for the shoe lover. Every page is filled with beautiful pictures and some of the simple ideas are fun. Like embellishing flip flops with ribbon, beads or flowers. Most of the shoes are seriously theatrical but just stunning to look at. Fun.

These are a few of the blocks I made yesterday with the brights. I'm really enjoying this very much. It's very liberating, cheerful, and relaxing.
I have just come from my work-out at Curves. My right knee is still bothering me but I took it easier today on pace. My natural pace of walking is rather fast and I find that I zoom in and plow ahead too fast. I must relax and enjoy the journey more. Funny thing today though. I got on the first machine and looked across the room only to see my next door neighbor on one as well-we both had a good laugh about that. Joan is a lovely woman who was friends with my late MIL Dot. She's probably in her 70s and going along pretty well. Gives me hope
Well, not sure I'll post again till Monday. Lots of stuff to catch up with in the house and I have to strike while the energy level is high.


Gerrie said...

Love those fabrics you are using. Not sure about the piecing!! It is so good to hear your cheery voice.

Granny Fran said...

Great, wild pinwheels! You won't be able to sleep under that quilt. Oh dear, I need to get back to Curves. Good for you!

Samantha said...

those blocks are stunning!