Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ahoy Babes,

Here I am with all my friends standing watch on the topside. Hey-where are you guys???

I have returned from Curves with lots of energy and feeling superfantastic. made it through the workout and the stretch and with only a bright red face to show for it. After about an hour and a cold shower-I went to the grocery store to get more salad fixins and such-stopped by to pick up some futomaki for lunchmmmm and home to drink lots of water and collapse in a heap of virtuousness. I am now the good me.

Seriously-the woman at my local Curves is a gem. She walked me through everything including the stretch with great humor and sweetness. I could have stayed another half hour. It was, dare I say it, fun. It played out at the grocery just like I imagined. Everytime I looked at something really forbidden I thought about how long it would take to work that item off my large belly bits.

I stopped at the Library to see my best friend-who it turned out had a day off and appears to be hiding somewhere-I'll root her out later. Picked up an old copy of Gwen Marston's Liberated Quiltmaking-fun book. and the new Nelson DeMille-love him. Well I've done more than enough for the moment-Good Book, futomaki, cold iced tea, feet up. See you tomorrow.


Jane Ann said...

Hmmmmm ... smugness is just so unbecoming.

(Good on you, girlie!)

Janet said...

Well, you sound quite pleased with yourself! :-) And you should be! I haven't been nearly that good. Nothing but work here for me.

I love that picture of the cats on the ship!

Gerrie said...

Waaay to go! Keep on mooovin'!