Thursday, April 26, 2007

color riot-get out your sunglasses

Look at the difference in these pictures!! These are the same blocks-wahhappend?? They really look moe like the ones on the right.

I'm experiencing a burst of energy and it's affecting my color choices. I really want to work with brighter and happier colors-reflection of attitude..maybe...probably. Whatever is causing it-it's fun. I found a PP pattern for pinwheels on a Carol Doak program I have and printed out some yesterday. When I was choosing fabric I kept on going to the very bright happy stuff. and thus you have this riot of color. I have a lot of fat quarters of this bright hand dyed looking stuff (maybe Cherrywood) it's made to look almost like suede and I love this stuff. So I pulled out that and some of the wilder stripes I bought not knowing what I would do with them but knowing I had to have them-they are cotton happiness. New box of crayons. I like this. I know these colors are startling to some people but I see them often on sites like Anna Maria Horner and Heather Bailey and JuJu. I really have fallen inlove with this palette. When the Kaffe Fassett fabrics first came out I was taken back by the fact that I liked them-liked them very much. This is not the type of fabric that I have bought in the past-but that's just it...I think that there may be less of that traditional fabric for a while for me.

Some years ago I had a wonderful woman who was counselling me through a rough time and knew that I had these artistic tendencies. She asked me what I would do if I had all the room, supplies and time I wanted. We discussed that all of the things I usually did were very small and precise. Sort of constipated art(sorry but that's the best description I can think of)by someone who is trying to break free of what I have been taught is right and what is within. We discussed several people who I really find wonderful, and to me, worked in a large format-sometimes with intense, vivid colors-Diego Rivera, Fernando Botero-then the grand sweeping American landscapes of Edward Hopper Charles Demuth, Winslow Homer, and so on. I wondered what it would be like to just go wild with abandon-art wise. Anyway, this is by way of saying that I think I'm moving into a bit more of a free and easy approach to color and having fun with this thing called being creative. Joyous-if you will. Huh...whoda thunk...joyous.

what's this you say? Well, I've shown the geese on black before but yesterday Rian mentioned and showed the gorgeous fabric she has dyed to make vests with geese on black. I really must do something with these blocks sometime soon.

I took a day off from Curves-I go back tomorrow morning. I can't tell you how much I ache in places I didn't know could ache. It's o.k. though-I feel like I'm doing something good-having a hard time with my right knee though. All the machines there are great and they feel good even using them but the in between where you jog or run in place(that's walking in place for me)is bothering my knee. I think I'll just take that aspect a little slower. There is a woman at Curves on Wed. who I would guess is 10 years older than me and a tiny bit of a thing. She doesn't just jog in place-she levitates and bounces and dances-good grief she puts everyone in the room to shame-I want to be her when I grow up


Rian said...

I'm with ya on the bright and happy colors. After seeing your batik pinwheels, I am seriously thinking of using batiks in the vest. So much more visual interest and class AND when I showed the fabrics to the recipient last night, she wasn't over the moon about the rainbow brights. She didn't say anything, but my radar picked it up.

Dorothy said...

I love those pinwheels! I may have to use that pattern for one of my nieces for the I Must Have Been Nutz Christmas Project. Can't you just imagine how sweet that would look in pinks and greens?

Debra Spincic said...

OH, Ah! those pinwheels and the ones in today's post are fun!

I am noticing that the new fabrics are more fun and free too. I am trying as quickly as I can to sew up the stuff in my Closet of Shame so I can go enjoy the other playful pieces.