Wednesday, April 25, 2007

quick ideas for a good read.

Get yourself these books-borrow them,buy them, whatever. Eat Pray Love is the best book I've read in a very long time. I could hardly put it down. It's about life after emotional disaster. I wish this book was around a couple of years ago. It's up-lifting and beautiful. The author makes you feel like you are having a chat with dinner and wine. I can't believe how good it makes me feel to read it. I no longer belong to the church I grew up in for various reasons which I won't go into here but I am a woman of deep and abiding faith. After Sept. 11th 2001 my faith was shaken to the core along with many others. It left me emotionally bereft and in a kind of suspended animation I have never felt before-even when I was in the throws of depression years ago. This book addresses that in the most interesting way. It's really like having a conversation with a friend who has hit bottom and is talking about the journey back. Good reading.
The other book is one I haven't read yet but have on order. It's a fascinating look at a whole other worlds thirty stories up in the air inthe Redwood tree canopy. The guy was on NPR discussing it and my husband said it sounded fascinating. I read the Times review on Sunday and even though I'm far from a tree hugger-I can't wait to read about this newly discovered little micro-planet way up in the trees.
I'm off to exercise now- see you later.


Jane Ann said...

I'll be at Border's when it opens this morning, Dee. eat, pray, love sounds like just the ticket for me right now. Thanks.

Gerrie said...

When do you have time to read? I have to go on vacation to the beach to get in reading time.

C said...

I am reading Eat Pray Love right now. I so want to sit down with this woman in Italy over dinner and discuss life, religion and just "thangs." Her writing style is a constant reminder how important a sense of humor is and perspective. I agree... a must read! I'll have to check out the other.