Monday, July 30, 2007

A Little Finn-ish & Village stuff

I'm really posting these shots for Finn of Pieces from my Scrapbag. If you haven't seen some of the quilts that Finn has been putting together from orphan blocks that so many people have sent her go on over and have a look. I hesitate to call myself a quilter of any particular style. I'm into whatever floats my boat at a particular time. For a long while I made Amish reproduction type miniatures and wall-hangings. That came about because when I saw them in PA Amish country I fell in love and knew I couldn't ever afford to buy one. So I dove in headfirst and decided to try my hand. This, of course, gave me a new-found appreciation for the work done by real Amish women with actual needlework abilities. Awesome work and work I can only dream of since I also found that I'm just too lazy to make anything as perfect. I made a few that are just fine. People say they are very beautiful-my family loves them-but I know where the Amish leaves off and the Dee begins. Anyway, all of this is by way of saying that I really admire so many of my fellow blog ladies who pick a style and then go about perfecting it. Finn is one of these. She has taken these mismatched blocks so nearly child-like in their delightfully playful style and colors that are so far off the mark together that they come full circle to look wonderful together. That's a gift. That's a woman with a natural and playful talent. I look forward to seeing what she's up to daily. Here are a couple of simple things I did a long time ago-before I knew better and during a time when I just wanted to try stuff. The blocks are all very small-2, 2 1/2 inch or so. In retrospect, I wish I had known about more primitive work and tea dying because I now see what doesn't go with the casual doll quilt primitive look. Too bright borders for one thing! I should stick those in a tea bath and see what comes of them.

On another front-I sent out my crack photography team to the village yesterday(Hi Honey!) to take some harbor shots. It was a hazy hot day so everything looks like it's in the mist. He did get a good shot of the church where our Food Pantry is. It's a very pretty church and they are kind enough to let us use the basement for our needs. that little door thingy on the right side down low there...that's the Food Pantry entrance. Try lugging groceries down that thing sometime. It's better than a morning at Curves. Here's shot of the entrance to the park looking across Main Street. Lots of houses up on the hills overlooking the harbor.

Well, I have some cooking to do and the usual boring stuff around the house. I hope to get some sewing done tomorrow.


Angie said...

I think they are both wonderful little quilts! Just for the fun of it, I would try the tea bath. :> I agree with you about Finn, and some of the other quilt bloggers...I'm in awe of their talents AND their self-expression. Your church is beautiful!

Gerrie said...

My old guild (in Santa Rosa) used to have an annual orphan block challenge. We would rummage through blocks aon a table and come up with a creation that was then given to one of our charity projects. I just loved doing that. I have moved way beyond playing with traditional block piecing, but you and Finn have made me nostalgic!!

Janet said...

I have always admired the Amish quilts, too and they do seem to have perfection down to an art! But I also think you're hard on yourself....I think your quilts are beautiful. The tea stain might be a good idea to tone down the edges but I still like them just as they are.

Your town looks so beautiful, green and peaceful but I don't envy you all that humidity!

Rian said...

The quilts are so pretty. I like the tea-dye idea. It looks cool with the WOW fabric. But I like em as is.

Sonnja said...


The little quilts are nice!
Kind Regards,

Sonnja from the Netherlands

Finn said...

Hi Dee, I love your little quilts! Of course I do!!! They are just so fun and unpretentious, and that's A-ok with me.
They don't have to look primative or be in dull colors, they are fine just the way they are. On my side bar under labels, I think there are 14 maybe entries under doll quilts. I'm not sure any of those I've shown over the years are primate til this one with the old vintage blocks.
One possibilty for aging a quilt is to lay it in the sun for awhile, you'd be surprised how quickly that changes the appearance.
Do your OWN thing...if tea dying appeals to you, give it a try, if not, I think they are perfect just the way they are. Hugs, Finn
P.S. Thanks for the very nice things you said..*VBS* And please DO feel free to send me any orphans or a block for my blog-a-versary quilt if you'd like to!! I'd love that!