Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More forgotten orphans unearthed & a walk in town

This blue piece is another tiny paper pieced doll quilt I made back in the 90s. The yellow one is, I think, the very first thing I ever tried to make. I had a bunch of 4 inch squares I got from some mail order thing and just put them together randomly. The blue log cabin has pieces as narrow as a half inch. I don't remember what on earth I was thinking but by the time I was finished I nearly lost my mind. It remains unfinished because the edges are so narrow I gave up. I will just put a pillowcase finish on it and turn it inside out to finish without batting. I've been sewing up a storm today using a print-out from the computer for half square triangles that finish at 2 inches. I working on a couple of gifts for friends. Just quickie doll sized littles.

The last picture below is of an old house that once belonged to a ship captain. They are doing a lot of work on it and it's next to the small shipyard near the other picture. Lots of machinery doing lots of work in the village right now.
Well I'd better get back to work but I'd like to say hello to Sonnja from the Netherlands who was nice enough to stop by and say Hi but has no blog address or e-mail. I think I'll take Angie's advice and maybe drop the little quilts in a tea bath just to see what happens. Nothing to loose. Thanks for walking and talking with me on this very steamy day. Hope it's cooler where you are.


Libby said...

Seems like doll quilts are more and more appealing to me with each new one I see . . . better get myself busy *s*

Gerrie said...

It is perfect here, but will be plenty hot later. I love the blue log cabin. Are you sure you can't put a border on it?

Finn said...

Me again...*VBS* What great little quilts! Everyone has to have a "the first one I tried to make", yours is just fine *VBS* The tiny logs would drive anyone nuts! I did just one log cabin using 1" strips and it wasn't paper pieced. When I got to 16 blocks I called it DONE!!
I often do the very simple pillow case thing with doll quilts. Many of the ones..all in fact..that I made for the day care were flannel backed, no batting, pillowcase turn, machine quilted very simply. Kids love them regardless!! For friends I do more...I bind and often hand quilt, but mostly simple patterns because I think they lend themselves well to doll quilts. Keep up the great effort!
Love the Captain's House!!! Any opening there for a wanderer??? Hugs, Finn