Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Mish-mash& Dust

Yesterday I worked a little one these. Whatever these are. I haven't been able to decide what I'm doing. There are moments, like now, when I wish I were an organized and focused person. At this age, it's unlikely to change so here is my current UFO. When our company is gone I will play around with them and see what pops into the picture.

Today I'm spending time with my least favorite thing in the house. The Super Sucker. I have back problems so a morning spent with this is followed by a little lay-down and a bunch of Extra Strength Tylenol. I really had no choice though since the dust bunnies were asking for lunch. Our friends are coming tomorrow for a couple of days and since I really like them, the bunnies had to go. They both work jobs outside the home and they're 2 of the easiest folks to have visit that you can imagine. Very down to earth and not at all concerned with things being just so. I love them. It was pretty funky around here though so now, at least when they pull out a chair, they won't get a pile of fluff and thread.

We are currently planning our vacation which is usually to Bar Harbor Maine. This year, wonder of wonders, our son James has a couple of weeks off right then and has decided that it is fun to be with Mom & Dad again. They do grow up eventually don't they? His girlfriend Dani will be in College so we didn't think he would want to go. He really hasn't had a vacation in several years due to working and school so I'm not that surprised that a week away with anyone is appealing. Our summer vacation used to be in Lake George or Vermont while he was still in grade school. We vacationed with friends who have a s couple of sons and it was a big troop movement back then. We may split this one up and go back to Lake George for a couple of days-who knows. We're kinda seat-of-the-pants travelers. There are a million places to stay in Lake George and after the season there is no problem with a room for a couple of nights mid-week. Bar Harbor sends us a reminder that it's almost time for our yearly visit and so that's not a problem either. In Lake George we can rent a boat and, of course, James wants to visit the arcades. I can do that for a time or 2. There is always the "Minihaha" paddle wheeler for a days outing and miniature golf galore. I'm looking forward to this. It should be fun. All of this is at the end of September so I have time to get my stuff together. It will make September, and Dee, a very busy girl.

My husband has a bunch of unused vacation days coming to him at work and is taking next week off so I'm not sure what we are doing. I may get time to blog and maybe not. In the mean time. I hope you have a safe, healthy, and fun Labor Day weekend.


Dorothy said...

Oh, if you're going to Lake George, CALL ME! Email, just yell, whatever. Lake George is close enough to here to drive down for lunch or coffee. I mean it.

Rian said...

I like that pile of blues. I can't wait to see what you make of it.

I think September is going to be a busy month for a lot of us--the weather is cooling down and we feel the push to accomplish things. Or at least start things...

Terry said...

What is it about vacuuming? Just kills my back too.

Kay said...

Oh, vacuuming! I feel your pain! Other housework I don't mind, but I hate vacuuming, and I can identify with the dust bunnies too. Love the blues. Enjoy your vacation--that's about my favorite part of the country although it's been a long time since I was there.

Gerrie said...

I can't vacuum because of my allergies. Doctor's orders. Mr C does it because he is too cheap to pay for a house keeper.

I hope you figure out where you are going and have a lovely time.

We found that 30 was the magic age for the kids to become adults and leave us alone!!!

Janet said...

You always make me laugh! I love the comment about the dust bunnies asking for lunch!! So that's what all that mumbling is under my furniture!

My sweet hubby does the vacuuming for me. Can you say spoiled?

Wherever you decide to go I hope you have a great vacation. But remember to come back and tell us all about it.