Monday, August 27, 2007

Jelly Rolls & Stuff

Sorry I've been away for so long. I can't believe that it's been more than a week since I wrote anything. Where does the time disappear to? Down the rabbit hole...

I have gotten a lot of things done. Some work on things I have to finish for various gifts and such. I had placed an order with Hancock's of Paducah and they seem to be sending me the items one at a by day. I've still got a couple of items coming and they will be here soon. Why do they send out catalogs and not have enough stock on hand? The same thing happens with clothing catalogs. I get them one day-call the next and they tell you they're out of stock. One day later. Better than that is when you get a notice a week later in the mail that your item will be shipped next month. AGH!

Anyway, have I mentioned how very much I love the jelly rolls? They are so pretty and you can do a bunch of things with them and then a bunch of things with the scraps from them. Observe...scrap happiness. I made these little wall hangings by sewing strip leftovers together and some leftover lattice in between. Cute, No?? What I really like is that you get to use up every little bit instead of making yet another little baggie of leftover bits. In the Closet of Shame, I am the Queen of Leftover Bit Bags. I went through some of them recently and wondered just why I thought it was a good idea to even save some of the tiny bits. Happy to say, I closed my eyes took a deep breath and tossed a couple of bags of bits. Unless I manage to pull off a miracle, I will never get as many years to make quilts as was in that big bin of baggies.
Last week was my friend Pam's birthday. We celebrated at her house since she is still recovering from knee surgery. It was a very nice little gathering.
Labor Day weekend will be a busy one. Our friends from PA are coming Saturday and leaving Monday morning. They are very active people-always running here and there to see what's new and different since the last time they came. He is one of Roger's friends from grade school and so they like to go and see what's up around here to remind them why they don't live in NY. They have a very large and lovely home in the northwestern PA mountains with a huge piece of property. Only a few homes up there with them and it's really beautiful. Except when the weather sets in for winter. The ride into town is all downhill and twisty and curvy. On a good night in summer it's a challenge. Very dark and sharp turns. Rich drives at top speed like he's racing at Le Mans and it's a real experience to ride along with him. That'll get your heart pumping! Anyway, as you might imagine, the cost of living there and the cost here are great topics of conversation. I love them dearly and can't wait to see them even though Rich is a little like the Tasmanian Devil. It really makes Roger happy as well since most of the people who he was friends with have moved so far away. Blast from the past.
I am gathering some fabric that I know I will never use for quilts and was looking for a good home for it. The I ran across this blog. Sonnja makes little stuffed bears for children in Africa. It's a lovely thing to do and she is always happy to get some fabric to make the bears. For some reason I can't seem to make the link work so scroll down my links on the right and you will see Sonnja's name. I will send off a box of fabric to her this week. Every little kindness helps.
Well, I hear a knock on the door and it is probably the telephone repairman. Our phone has been filled with so much static for a couple of weeks that you can't hear a thing anyone says. Not a good thing for someone who blew out her ear drums with too much loud rock&roll.
Talk to you later.


Janet said...

The little wall hangings are so pretty. I especially like the colors in the one featured in the first photo. So soft and flowery. How nice of you to send fabric bits to Sonnja for her bears. So many children will benefit.

Enjoy your holiday weekend. I don't think I'd want to ride down that hill with your friends!!

Finn said...

What fun little quilts Dee! And what a great way to use the jelly rolls and leftover bits..*VBS*

Sounds like your Labor Day will be a busy one, but also lots of fun. Enjoy the company, the summer is almost gone. Hugs, Finn

Rian said...

Your friend Rich sounds like my friend Allan. He has two speeds--fast and warp speed. He's a great cheerleader but he can really wear you out! Have a great time with your pals.

Rian said...

Oh, wait, I forgot to say how cute your little quilts are! Darling!

Tazzie said...

Those little quilts are very cute indeed! This is my first visit to your blog - I found you via a link.
Thank you for having me!

Darcie said...

Darling little quilts, Dee! Those jelly rolls are a big hit in this area as well.

Enjoy your guests!

Gerrie said...

You are so not the queen of leftover bit bags - you might be the princess, but I am the queen! Why do I do it?

I love the little quilts that you have made - lovely prints and colors.

Angie said...

Those little quilts are just adorable! I haven't bought my first jelly roll yet!! :( And I really really want one...LOL

lila said...

I love the aqua and soft red combination....thanks for the quilt photos!
I'm a quilter of my blogs shows the quilts!