Friday, September 14, 2007

Driving Ms Dee

Once upon a time I really loved to drive. As soon a I was able I bought myself a really sweet little red VW Bug. I loved driving stick shift and through a series of friends in the sports car business, I soon came upon THE automotive love of my life. My MGB. I don't know who these people are-I got the photo off of E-bay but this is the exact adorable little red zoom zoom I had such a great time in. A little while later and in another lifetime, there was another car that caught the fancy of my, then, partner.

This was the second sweet ride that we purchased. It's a Triumph TR4. I'm happy to say that it left with said partner, leaving me with my MGB and a little piece of mind. The TR4 was the biggest pain in the ass ever. First and foremost, for short little me, it was designed for the taller people in the world. I could barely touch the clutch and it did not make for smooth shifting. It also liked to have lots of attention paid to it in the form of a tune-up every time you drove it for a couple of days. I think it thought it was a Jaguar-it certainly was as long as an e-type.
Anyway, me and my little red MGB toddled off into a new life of single hood and stayed that way for nearly 12 years or so. By the time I was married to Roger, pregnant with James and selling it for money to help get a mortgage, it needed to be restored. Roger sold it to someone at work who's son restored it to its former glory and I shed a few tears privately. With the MGB went the Dee I used to drive it. Long, gypsy-like, hairdo(anybody remember that?) size 8-tight jeans and convertible Dee was now Big pregnant, cut the hair short for ease of kidcare, stop wearing perfect make-up, carefully applied.... MOMMY. Don't get me wrong-I wouldn't trade anything that happened. I got a wonderful loving husband and a kid that I'm very proud of and I wouldn't fit in the MGB comfortably anymore anyway.
I say all this by way of telling you that today my son is going for a job interview with a very prestigious car firm-a British car firm. I think he first started to get his love of cars from my endless prattle about sports cars. I am nervous, happy, and proud. He got all dressed with a tie even! Haircut-new pants, shirt, shoes, yadda yadda. I so want this for him. It's a great opportunity. So won't you please join me in a little quiet contemplation for a moment. All together now...Dear Lord, I know you're busy with really important things but if you could just take a second to shine your kind and loving light on James it would be really great, Thank you, Dee

With any luck at all my kid might wind up behind the wheel of this perty baby!
can you say...Aston Martin...Bond....James Bond. Whoop whoop!


Jane Ann said...

Ah, first husband had the same red TR4 in college. He was a basketball player and I was taller then too, so the size was good for both of us. He was mighty cute in that thing, but I don't recall why he finally sold it. Maybe to buy my ring.

Holding my breath down here for James, so don't keep me in suspense TOO long.

Gerrie said...

You can tickle my funny bone like no one else. Didn't I already tell you that I am praying for the boy!! I thought I was going to here a story of you being driven to Maine in a red sports car and I was really jealous.

I think it is time for a mid-life crisis and another red sports car.