Thursday, September 13, 2007

For the Birds

As many of you know, the bulk of our, shall we say, disposable income(Heh!)goes into the fund to purchase thistle seed for these bickering little babies. We used to purchase a bag of Black Niger Seed here and there but that was then and this is now. Roger loads up the back of his car with a trunk load of 25 lb bags several times a season. It's funny how your life changes and yet some things stay the same. He used to go to Toys R Us and load up the back of our Bronco with diapers, wipes and Enfamil in much the same manner. Our son is a man now and yet, he still has babies to lead up a car trunk for. This year he even bought himself a special pitcher to hold and pour the seed easier. Anyway, just as it is with life in general, the babies are having babies and eating up a storm. We have learned to call a halt to this in a few weeks because they need to go and find a warmer climate to winter in. One year we just kept feeding them and they never really left. I worried all winter that it was too cold and icy for them. They just changed color from yellow to all goldish green parrot-like colors and hung out with us anyway. That was an expensive year. My favorite thing to see is when they fight for space at the feeder-they do this amazing dance in mid-air-twirling around and around until the winner settles in whatever perch they are fighting over. We have four feeders, so some days it's a visual party. I miss them when the winter comes and each year it's a thrill to see them return.

Well, on an un-avian related topic-I've got nothing going on wight now since we are sort of packing to leave for Maine. James has decided to stay home and spend the week with friends and his girlfriend. I can't say I blame him but I also think he would have enjoyed it. Some other time. It's alright though since it will allow us to piddle along from small town to small town on the coastal road north Rt 1. It's a great ride through lovely villages and beautiful seacoast towns. Not sure when we are leaving-we're just kind of casual about this and it allows us to land in some pretty places. This time of year it's quiet during the week and it's not yet leaf-peeping time. Very peaceful. Probably leaving on Sunday.

Anyway, I'm off to do some trip shopping and prep. I need a sweatshirt or jacket. Maine is a bit nippy at night sometimes. I love it! Hope you have a great day


Finn said...

Hi Dee, hope you found a warm jacket or sweatshirt for the Maine trip...WI is nippy and Maine is bound to be colder!!
Love the goldfinch pictures...I know the joy and sorrows of feeding them all too well. When I owned the house, I, at a new location, I don't. I have several neighbors who do, but I've decided to encourage my little Winn-Dixie grazers of last summer, and only put out hummingbird food now. It's more affordable for me, and I do love their antics almost as much as the golden ones...*VBS* What they never can equal is the thrill of that bright color, and the lovely songs.
My hummers increased from just one last summer(a lone female) to 5 or 6 or more this year. It's hard to tell with how fast they zooma about, and fight with each other over feeding stations. Never did see more than 2 feeding despite the 4 stations...LOL And chatter?? You wouldn't believe how they scold each other!!
Your 9/11 post was very moving. I can't imagine being from NY, whether there at that time or not, and watching that happen. It tore me to the core, and I'm native WI, but ALL american. I couldn't believe what they had done to us. Like you, I need to avoid the re-enactment of the events over and over. One can only hope that with time, the world will eventually leave the residents in peace on that particular day. Sending big hugs, Finn

Gerrie said...

Have a wonderful time down east. I love that drive up the coast. We honeymooned in September on Cape Cod - it was lovely.

Janet said...

I laughed while reading about the bird's feeding frenzy! I have a hummingbird feeder and I can sit and watch them for hours! I think I've only got one or two that are still hanging around right now.

Your trip to Maine sounds heavenly. My hubby loves that part of the country but I've never been! One of these days I'll make it. Have fun and stay warm!