Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Maine for your viewing pleasure

This is a picture from the internet and a slightly different view. I really just liked the Lupines. Aren't thay stunning?They must thrive on bullsh-t!(sorry, I couldn't help myself)

Thanks Ladies for the fun comments-it's great to have like-minded friends. I felt it was my duty to make the yearly, drive-by salute in Kennebunkport. I feel I owe it to you ladies to express our general attitude and nothing does the trick quite like a loud raspberry and the fickle finger of fate. The driveway is often filled with very large Suburbans with blacked out windows and there is a guard house that doesn't seem to have anyone in it but with all the Secret Service guys crawling all over the place I would imagine that you would take your life in your hands to try and walk up the road to borrow a cup of sugar from Barbara. George the Elder is often running around in his speedboat and often trailed by a large contingent of Secret Service Guys in a black Zodiac with Secret Service emblazoned on the side. I think this must be the detail that they give you when you have been a very, very, very, good boy in the Secret course my annual trip to Arundle's Wharf had absolutely nothing to do with this visit....nothing at all(hehe) Roger had suggested that we might want to go to Ogunquit and Belfast instead, which by the way I'm sorry we didn't stop in but did drive through. I found out on someone's blog(???) that there is a great new quilt, fabric, and fiber art supply/gallery place on Main in Belfast. I must search for the name and put it on my list of things to do someday. Anyway there are some pics of the view from Bar Harbor- the Bush place and the restaurant here. Also Brown's Wharf in Boothbay. It's the Hotel that Charles Kuralt stayed in every year and wrote about in his book of great places to stay. It's a pretty little place but basically a motel with a connecting deck all across the front. The bathroom was a closet-seriously...a closet. I have a touch of claustrophobia and I was kinda glad we only stayed the night. I also have a thing about bathroom facilities(color me obsessive compulsive as well) but I need a, how shall I say, throne with major whoosh. None of this wishy washy swirly water saver crap for me. Sorry-I'll find another way to conserve and be ecology minded. Some things need to be gone forever.

Well, if you're still with me, despite my quirks and weird sense of humor-on the quilting front...I got nothing. Oh, I've got something-I just can't show it yet since it's a birthday present for a friend who might be reading. I did sew my Mistletoe Manor nine patch blocks together but that's not really interesting. What is interesting is that I have nothing to make a border out of and may have to make a pilgrimage to Joanne's(yes you heard me right) It's all about the color green or red. That fabric has a particular red and green that just looks awful with any other kinds of green or red that I happen to have. It's sort of subdued and very different. I tried laying a few pieces of green or red that I have and they look awful-too bright and the wrong effect. I guess whoever designed this stuff was very smart. Nothing but that fabric goes with that fabric...ack! Not even the cream colors I have are really "country" enough. Why I begin a Christmas quilt in October is, once again, beyond me.

I'll leave you with another book review or 2-Blogger isn't playing well so I'll See what I can do here. If any of you followed my advice and read his last book "King of Lies" you will want to get yourself down to the bookstore or Library and get you a copy of this one. The review says it's better than the last. That would be wonderful. On the DVD front I got copies of "Volver" with Penelope Cruz, and "The Queen" because I adore Helen Mirren in anything. I also notice that the second installment of "Elizabeth" is coming out and can't wait for that to be available. I am crazy about those period pieces and history so what's not to love, although I would love to cook something for Cate Blanchett to eat since she looks hungry to me.

Hope you all have a great day-our weather has finally turned fall-like and so pretty. Talk to you gorgeous girls Monday after I resume torture at Curves.


Rian said...

If you "get" Volver, let me know. It was lost on me. The Queen was great, I loved it. Especially Tony Blair. Well, Helen Mirren notwithstanding. She was absolutely IT.

Lovely pictures. Looks like perfect weather.

Gerrie said...

You are too funny. Maybe if you took cookies in a gift basket instead of trying to borrow sugar, you would be more welcome!

I loved Volver. Penelope had to wear a fake butt so she might need a meal, too. But, Helen Mirrin, is my kinda old broad. She looks like she enjoys a meal now and then without overdoing it. She is so sexy.

Janet said...

Sorry you weren't able to get in to visit at the compound. That would have been something I'd pay to see! You and the Bushes face to face!! They wouldn't know what hit them!

All in all your trip sounds great even with the wishy washy bathroom!

I'm glad you're back home....I missed you.

sara said...

I adore Lupin, your photos are gorgeous!!