Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween memories

Is everybody ready for Halloween? I really enjoyed this holiday the most when James was little. We would get dressed up(yes we) and hit the bricks for loot. One year James was Dick Tracy and I was Groucho Marx. Another year, everyone managed to get their stuff together and we created a haunted house at the grade school. It was up on the stage and we divided it into a maze that the kids could walk through with various scary scenes and things. In one dark part someone hung pieces of fine thread that felt like spidery stuff when you walked through. I got to be the Witch(shut up back there)and had the traditional black hat as well as some appropriate spider earrings and stuff. In one section there was a cabinet that had the drawers removed and when the door opened with a creak-one of my neighbors heads appeared with gross make-up. It was really fun. There was a guy with a chainsaw and what looked like a bucket of blood with a hand hanging out-accompanying screaming on tape and all. That was the best Halloween. Without little ones it's just not the same. I may take a walk up to the school on Wed. to record the Halloween Parade. If the weather's nice they parade outside for all to see.
The weather has certainly turned everything into fall in a big way. Last night it was 48 and a frost warning. Living so close to the water, the temps don't drop too much for a while. The water off the Sound and Bay keeps everything warm for a while.
I spent the later part of last week catching up with Food Pantry paperwork. Lately I have been letting a bunch of letters build up and then doing a marathon of letter writing all at once. It's now the really busy season, so I better keep on top of things or I will wind up with tons of thank you letters that need writing.
Next week I am taking a short trip with Roger. He has a business meeting in remote, far, northwestern NY State. We are going to stay in a pretty place- the rooms are on a waterfront that faces Canada. Just a 3 day trip but I'm looking forward to it. I need to get a coat though since my coat from the past couple of years is rather groady and not fit for meeting humans in. I suspect it may be a little chilly near the Canadian border in November. Most of the trip will be traveling since it will be a very long day up there and a very long trip back.
Well, that's the scoop from here for now. I've got a big chicken in the oven and some potatoes and sliced tomatoes will round out the menu. Easy peasy. Smells yummy in here.


Janet said...

Every time I come here my tummy starts growling! I can almost smell the chicken from here!

I know what you mean about Halloween not being quite the same without little ones around. I always loved it when my kids were small but now I don't do much.

The three day trip sounds nice. I like to get away for lots of small trips rather than one big one. It's just easier for me. But we haven't done that in awhile. Good luck on the coat hunt.

Libby said...

Great Halloween memories . . . I miss those days with The Princess. They grow up too fast!

Cheryl said...

I also miss those Halloween days -
loved making costumes for the kiddos! Maybe someday there will be grandchildren to make costumes for:-)!

Rose said...

Dee, your haunted house memories had me thinking back to a similar thing we did when I was a kid. I don't have any little ones anymore either and this year, for unknown reasons, we didn't even have a single trick or treater. All that candy to look at everyday now. Sigh.

Finn said...

Hope the trip is wonderful! Come back soon and haunt us! Hugs, Finn