Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just Beachy

I decided to take some pictures for your viewing pleasure and my avoiding doing stuff.
I wanted to get a shot of the neighbors metal dinosaur sculpture which he dressed up for Halloween and made a maze for the local kids. He's a really nice man and he bought a truckload of small pumpkins and each kid that dropped off a non-perishable item for our Food Pantry got a free pumpkin. He delivered a truckload of food to us on Monday morning-A truckload!! It filled up the shelves and lined the hallway. Can't say enough nice things about him. Anyway-he is probably getting the dinosaur ready for his Christmas outfit so they cleaned up all Halloween stuff and he was gone by the time I arrived with my camera. Since it was a really warm day I decided to take a stroll on the beach right down the road. Happily, I found some beachy glass which I collect jars full of and, wonder of wonders, I found some sights that made me really smile. There were many, many, Horseshoe crabs washed up on the beach. For a long time no one saw horseshoe crabs around and I thought they pretty much took the same bus out of town that the lobsters took a while back. It was so great to see. Maybe some things don't change that much. A pleasant thought. So I wandered around and took a couple of pics and then drove home by way of the top of the harbor view. All in all it was better than hanging out doing laundry and writing letters, all of which I am far behind in doing. That said, I better get dinner on and do a couple of quick catch-up things before the boys get home. It was lovely at the beach. I should have brought a book. The fishermen were surfcasting and I think it might be bluefish season so it looked like they were pretty busy. Hope your day was as nice as mine.


Janet said...

The dinosaur sounds like fun, and what a nice thing for your neighbor to do....donating all that food. Your walk at the beach looks so relaxing. My day has been good but not that good!!

Tanya said...

Looks like a lovely walk on the beach. I'd sure like to enjoy that scenery! I rarely get to see the ocean!

Rosy said...

Love the pics Dee. I am try to take breaks from cleaning my studio,lol


Rose said...

Love the pictures, Dee, what a beautiful place to live! I'd love to try fishing in the ocean. It would be quite different from the river fishing we do.

BTW...thanks for your kind offer. I'm going to town tomorrow and will check there first to see if I can find the Old Bay.