Friday, October 19, 2007

Big Boys & Their Big Toys

A month or so ago Roger took some pictures of the trees around the property. They are just loaded with acorns. LOADED! I think the Old Farmer's Almanac says something about that- a very cold winter to come. I hope they're wrong. Today it is a typical rainy fall day here except for the fact that it's too warm again. Mother Nature must be very pissed.....and confused.

I am puttering about trying to finish several things and not getting too far. A week ago we had all the windows open and the fall came blowing through with crisp air and a hint of something cold to come. Today it's back to 75 and a wet soggy mess and the air is on again. I don't want it to be frozen, but what happens around here is that it goes directly from this kind of day to winter in a week and we keep missing the best of the seasons. Makes me cranky.
Anyway, here are 2 pictures of James with his latest toy. I use the term toy with tongue in cheek- since the toy was a couple of hundred and the stuff to make it go and fix it is approaching the same general amount. It's a nitro-methane powered car. Problems arise when it hits curbs and such since it all but takes off like a rocket. It's pretty neat and so is James.
I have nothing major planned for the weekend except to try and finish something for a change. After all the day after Halloween will be Christmas. Doesn't it seem that way??? The music is already turning up here and there on commercials-I quickly change the channel and refuse to take part in the hype. It does creep into the psyche though!
Hope you all have a great weekend. Maybe I'll have something positive to show by Monday.


Dorothy said...

The day after Halloween is *Thanksgiving.* The day after that is Christmas. Then your taxes are due.

I was at Macy's today and they had no sign of Christmas except one fully decorated, to the hilt Christmas tree. It was next to the clearance swimsuits.

Rian said...

I have been seeing Christmas stuff in the stores for weeks already. Seems The Holiday Season starts Octoer 1 these days.

Rose said...

Dee, I bet your son is in love with that car! Please don't tell my son about it...he may be 22 now but he still LOVES his toys lol.

I love that little quilt you have in the first picture. It reminds me of a doll quilt my grandmother made me when I was a very small girl.


Janet said...

We have the same thing happen out day it's summer and then it's winter! Not much in between. Of course right now we're having hot, dry windy weather and the fires are continuing.

You're right about's just around the corner and I'm not ready! But what else is new!!