Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I just don't have anything worth showing in the area of quilting or sewing. Everything in in the works or you've already seen it. Yesterday I had to go and have some blood work done that I discussed the day before here. I am very fair and apparently I don't actually have any veins-so this makes a disaster for the person who has to take the blood and for me as the pin cushion. I took a chance yesterday and tried a new place not far from me. What an amazing visit it was. The woman who took my sample was the sweetest person with a kind of lilting, possibly Jamaican accent, who rubbed my arm and sang to me while waiting for the tube to fill. I apologized for the delay(slow filling)and she said to me. "I'm not in a hurry, Darling-not to worry" Sort of "Don't worry-be happy" feel to it. Well that's done for a long while anyway.

Today I am making Chicken corn chowdah! I love making Chowdah(or is it chow-derrrr-anyone else watch the Simpson's?) I digress....It's great weather for it and I had chicken, corn, bacon, onion, potatoes, and chicken broth-I'll be darned.

I made a trip to Target, Linens & Things, Pier 1 and the grocery store yesterday. A trip to Michaels was also in the plan but I just got pooped out by the time I could have done that. What I wanted was some fall dec stuff. I have a wreath that is nice and sturdy which I have covered over with Hydrangea in varying shades from plum to pale green. I saw something like it on Martha's site and it cost a bunch so I thought I'd just make my own. Right now it needs to be stripped and re-done with fall stuff. I really love the Hydrangea and if they have it in more fall like colors I may use a bunch of that again. It looks so rich and the colors stay true even though it's in the sun-filled door for months. The other thing I saw that I love is this. It's a wreath from Williams & Sonoma and expensive-maybe I can make my own??
Pomegranates are a favorite thing of mine for a long time. I know they are very popular in decoration but I have always loved the Greek Myth of Persephone and her return to the earth from the underground signals the return of spring and, essentially, beauty and the fruits of the earth. There are many versions of that story but I first fell in love with it when I read a book by Mary Taylor Simeti many years ago. She married a man whos family owns home in Sicily that had been in his family for hundreds of years. They have olives and vineyards and she went to live there and fell in love with the country and people and the way in which certain foods signal the advancement through the year. Her other books are wonderful as well. Pomp & Sustenance and Bitter Almonds are a beautiful read as well. My copies are so well loved that I may have to find new ones sometime as I only ever found these in soft cover. These are books that I cherish.
Anyway, I hope you are doing something fun and seasonal. It's really beautiful here. Everything that fall should be


Dorothy said...

Chowdah! Chowdah!! Actually, not a fan, myself, it's too corn-y, I prefer my potato bacon soup sans corn. I dug a long-ago missed t-bone out of the freezer, so we had beef barley. I love soup weather.

Your pomegranate wreath is gorgeous. I wonder if you could dye garlic cloves for a similar look. It'd be way cheaper, and keep the vampires away, too!

Deb R said...

Recipe??? :-)

Gerrie said...

Just stopping by during my busy week to say hi and to tell you once again how much I LOVE my table topper.