Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ups & Downs of the day.

I had a busy day today. Starting with fasting because I needed to have blood work done for the bi-annual tune-up and badgering session at the MD. As it turned out the nurse couldn't find one of my itty bitty veins so they had to write me a Rx for blood work at the local lab. Cowards! (kidding) I actually felt sorry for her-she was apologizing up and down for not getting the vein. Anyway-I'll take care of that next week. All in all not a horrible start to the day. I went to so some other errands and to the grocery store and came home to have my Futomaki lunch in peace. While I was lunching at the counter in the kitchen I was watching the delightful goings on in my garden. It looks like the chipmunks have had babies. They poked their tiny heads out from the stone wall and run like crazy back and forth. The goldfinches are on the last fill-up of the feeders. They must have had babies recently as well since there are some that are so tiny and even more adorable than the rest. They'll be gone soon and I'll miss watching them.

I was going to take a trip to Target for some necessities. It seems that our local grocery stores have some sort of deal with the company that makes Tide. I like Era. Era is the only thing that gets out the remains of my sons working around gasoline and oil and the various smelly stuff that comes from his job. I can't get it anywhere except Target, KMart or Walmart. I really don't go to those places often but in this case I need to. Unfortunately it has turned into a major rain and thunder storm out there. I'll include this in my Monday trip to the bloodletting. It's coming down in buckets. Sounds kind of nice since we haven't had rain in months. It smells really good too. I love the smell of the rain.

If I don't loose my Internet connection I will finish this and go work on some sewing while I make dinner.

I hope your day is as peaceful as mine. I think I better get off this computer now it's loud and scary out there now. Talk to you tomorrow...I hope!


Tanya said...

Yummm. Futomaki for lunch! And baby chipmunks and gold finches? Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Gerrie said...

Seems kinda late in the season for new babies - must be the Indian Summer weather!

My veins in the only arm capable of giving blood are so collapsed that it is not a pretty picture when I get poked!!

Rian said...

Sounds like my kind of day. I wish I was there with you.