Monday, November 26, 2007

Formerly Banned Word Now Allowed

Santa's Christmas Workshop is open around here and going strong-well... sorta strong. This morning I sewed together some blocks for a table topper for a friend. It's just a simple Indian Hatchet -make four and sew them together to make an X-block- -picture tomorrow. Right now I have to get some house keeping type stuff(Laundry???I'll get to that Monday)

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving II- On the actual day, we went to our friends house for dinner(really delicious) and yesterday I made another Thanksgiving meal since James complained bitterly that they didn't have mashed potatoes at Dani's house. They had a feast of things including potatoes, sweet and new red)but NO Mashed Potatoes. Needless to say-the Italian Thanksgiving table(which sounded beyond fabulous to me) is completely lost on James, who turns out to be the consummate Irishman & potato addict. I'm not sure where we got him but Pop was like that. If there were no potatoes on the table-it wasn't a real meal. On Thanksgiving, while I was making the smashies to take with us to our dinner-he was standing by, with a spoon in his hand looking a lot like the guy above...begging for some mashed potatoes. Anyway, last night Dani came to us for dinner and James was, at last, a happy camper with mashed potato lake filled with gravy, sweet stuffing mountain, and turkey for dipping *grin* They're all little boys at heart.

Today is a rainy, gloomy, day and for some reason I am in particular muscle and joint pain. I usually have some of that because of arthritis but this is really awful back, neck, and siatica(sp) in my leg. Wow, very painful. I am finding that the combination of cold and damp together are a really bad trigger for this type of pain lately. I'll have some cheese with my whine and keep going.

I'd like to thank each of you for taking the time to make such nice comments on the last post. I still have a number of letters and they will keep coming for the next 4 weeks so there's that to keep up with.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and I'll be back tomorrow with something to show in the way of quilt-related content. Hope your day is peaceful.


Finn said...

Hi Dee, just popping in to say Hello and see how you are doing. Sounds like lots of good food and happiness was found by all *VBS*
Love the spoon story...LOL Sounds familiar! I have a couple of handy helpers that are all too willing to 'taste' if given the opportunity!
Glad to see you are fitting in some sewing time. And such a good helper in Elf *VBS* He's such a cute guy!!
Hope the hands/arms are feeling better..if not, then SOON! I know how annoying that kind of itch can presc. drug pain relievers do that to me...feels like I rolled in poison ivy sometimes.
Take care of you! Hugs, Finn

Libby said...

Sounds like a great celebration and a bonus meal, too *s* I must agree that certain foods are a requirement and it just doesn't feel like a holiday meal without them present. Glad the mashed potatoes were a hit!

Kay said...

Ah, the mashed potatoes! Aren't people funny about Thanksgiving dinner? If the stuffing isn't right, the whole meal is ruined, etc.

Hope the aches and pains go away.

CONNIE W said...

ALL the potatoes sound so good to me! Bring 'em on!

Debra Spincic said...

Life would be so grand without the aches and pains. I hear ya!

Gerrie said...

The men in my family LOVED their mashed potatoes. I hate them!! I get achy when it is cold and damp. Allmy scar tissue plus the arthritis acts up. It is tough getting old.

Rian said...

When I was about 25 years younger I used to like to amp up Thanksgiving with different dishes and new twists on things--like butternut squash with nutmeg and hazelnuts instead of the sweet potato casserole. I thought my in-laws to be hopelessly clueless when they insisted that it's "Not Thanksgiving" without the gelatinous tube of jellied cranberry sauce from a can--and opened one, even though I brought a beautiful homemade one with real cranberries. Now, as I'm older, I realize the value in keeping some things to tradition--like mashed potatoes! But no way can I tolerate the toothachingly-sweet (canned) sweet potato casserole with tiny marshmallows on top. Not as long as there's a breath in my body! Gag!