Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kiss the Ground

I'm home!!! back from Wally Mart and Jo Ann's where I scored big time. Partially due to my own bad & careless record keeping. While at Jo Ann's I perused the Christmas fabric dept. and found everything 50% off because normal people don't wait till less than a month to make Christmas window toppers(quiet back there) ANYWAY-I was hard pressed to find a fabric that I could live with-everything is a little too, too, screamingly bright or has a kind of kiddie theme to it. I just wanted something pretty, simple, and not too garish. I also wanted 7 1/2 yards of it-thus making it nearly mission impossible. However, I kept at it and dug around coming up with the two things you see above. Both are pretty, simple and not too too. One is a little short of the required length so I will have to decide and plan a little. My living room and kitchen are really one big room with a wall that separates only half the space. The curtains really need to be the same all around or it looks like a gypsy encampment. Well...it sort of looks like that anyway but I don't need to add to the confusion sight-wise. Overload on the patterns will just add confusion to an already easily confused group of people. In truth, I could drape the windows with anything and they probably won't notice until maybe April-May. The only way you can get noticed around here is if you're draped in something edible-cold cuts, eggplant Parm, mashed potatoes....Food always attracts the clan members(hello boys!)

But I digress...When I went to pay for said fabric it occurred to me that I should use up the 2 gift cards from BIL Bob from last Christmas, in case he would think I didn't like them and not get me anymore this year. I really thought I only had maybe $20 on each of the 2 cards I had. Here comes the fun part..Wheeeee I had over $80. The bill with Christmas dec items was $100 so I had a big $20 difference. Found Money, does it get any better?

Anyway I'll probably use the holly leaf fabric since there is more than enough of that for all windows and the second fabric is adaptable for other uses.

The only bad part of the day was that everywhere I went was well prepared for winter temps by really cranking the heat and-guess what? Today it's in the high 50s so by the time I got out of Wally Mart I was so beet red I decided to bag any other shopping. Now for the unbelievable part. I passed by the Giant Super Borders....passed by and went home. Didn't go into the book store...me. Only now I feel deprived and grumbly. It needs to be one kind of temperature here for a week or two. This hot cold thing is very strange and now it's interfering with my book lust. Hrumph!

The second picture above is a table runner without borders yet for one of 3 people. Haven't decided which one yet.. I'm off to the sewing machine after I cool off.


Debra Spincic said...

I used my birthday gift certificate today from last year too! Aww, a nice salt scrub and massage.

I am a little ahead of you. Managed to get my draperies done in October for the winter season but I was very motivated!

Zegi said...

Found money is the BEST! Glad you got to enjoy it.

Janet said...

I love found money!! Your fabric choices are just perfect. I know what you mean about some of the Christmas designs! Just too much.

Wow....that took some mighty powerful will power to resist even a quick stop at the bookstore!

Gerrie said...

You are too funny. Found money is the best, isn't it. I love the top snowflaky fabric. If I shopped at Walmart, I might go look for some.

Scrapmaker said...

Great fabric for decor, and who doesn't like found money? Um, I am still working on my kitchen window topper. I'm using Christmas napkins in a nice plaid (well, at least I like it). Have fun! Jen