Monday, December 03, 2007

Holiday Rush & Mail Surprise

I know I'm not alone in the feeling that I've been swooped up in a tornado. The holiday may be 20 odd days ahead but it always begins to feel like the day after tomorrow about this time. In keeping with my great organizational skills (not) I have nothing ready and everything to get. I'll keep it short today, since the weather is being wonderful. It snowed and was frigid yesterday so I thought maybe I would postpone my "going out" chores. Today the light has dawned and it's nearly 50 and sunny. I must get going to Curves and then to several places to to the important work of Santa.
Above you will see the pretty surprise I got from my good friend Gerrie as a PIF gift. It's really pretty and I'm sorry for the not so great photo. It has sparkly Angelina fibers on it and the light just kept glaring in every photo. It's clickable for a better look. If you haven't visited Gerrie and checked out her artwork, don't miss it. Anyway, the colors are yummy and she sent along a pretty post card with it. Thanks Gerrie, Love you!
I'm offering another PIF, also to be completed after the New Year-way after, like February, since I still haven't gotten the other one done. I do have a year to complete but I don't think I would put them off for a possible 365 days as it's suggested that you may.
I went back to Curves on Saturday and I feel good mentally but the pain of the re-start is considerable. That's what I get for putting it off so long.
Hope your day is lovely. Back soon.


Janet said...

I'm glad you're having some good weather to get out and do your shopping. I haven't bought one single thing yet! I've made a couple of things for family but that's it. But that's ok 'cause we're a very casual family when it comes to Christmas.

Gerrie said...

I never get in the holiday mood until two weeks before. I love the mad rush and the bargains to be had.

Thanks for the kind words. What would I do without you to boost my morale once in awhile!! Hugs!!