Thursday, December 06, 2007

This & That

Here's a shot of the new Christmas toppers. I just cannot get a good picture of things around the house. My lighting is so bad-sorry for the crappy pic. I think I may have miss-informed you the other day about this fabric. I bought it at JoAnn Fabrics. Wally Mart has fabric but, at least in my area, the fabric is so crappy and feels like cheesecloth that I wouldn't bother with it. Maybe it's different elsewhere but here they only offer really out of date calico fabrics you didn't want when they were in style 10 years ago. You can tell that the fabric itself is so low grade that it will all but shred when washed. They do have lots of Barbie and kiddie fabric and plushy type stuff is that's your bag. Sometimes JoAnn's is not much better but most of the time it is. I really wish I could afford to buy the quilt shop grade fabric all the time but frankly, at 9, 10, and 11 dollars a yard-it's a bit out there for my wallet.
I am in the midst of a letter-writing frenzy for the Pantry. I'm trying to keep the decks clear with that stuff but people are being extraordinary in the gifts this year. Little kids giving $10.00 they saved-really kind of gets me misty. Kids are so great sometimes. They have garage sales, craft sales and lemonade stands. Most of the parents match their earnings and it is very touching.
Well, I better get to the letters and some thinking about dinner. Maybe a trip to the store if it warms up a bit. It needs to be 30 or above before I venture out-brrrrr.
Talk to you soon.


Libby said...

Wow - I really like the idea of season window treatments. Yours look great . . . maybe I'd better get to work *s*

Gerrie said...

Sorry that I lead the pack in thinking you bought fabric at Wally World. Love the Holiday curtains.

Scrapmaker said...

The holiday curtains look great! Jen

Debra Spincic said...

Festive touch!

Janet said...

The toppers look very festive but I have to admit the first thing I noticed in the photo was all the books in the background!! What can I say....I'm a book nut!

I agree about Wally World's fabric. YUK!