Friday, December 07, 2007

Homer Time & ch ch ch Changes

It's almost time for this guy to show up. Homer makes me laugh in the afternoon when he comes to life around 4 pm.

I decided I was tired of the way things looked around here so I changed the template. The same limey green was getting to me.

We are experiencing the changing weather this season. Daily changes from icy to temperate. Today it's sort of temperate with rain. I think I will take this opportunity to go out and do a few shopping things. I bought a pair of pants the other day and want to see if they have another couple of pair. They're very comfortable for going to Curves and not looking too crappy for errands afterward. Needless to say it's a crap-shoot finding comfortable clothes so they probably will be sold out. Cross your fingers! I need to make a trip to Borders and Target as well and maybe a stop at Macy's for a new handbag. Roger is, right about now, wiping his face with a tissue at the thought of the credit card statement but I haven't bought a new bag in a couple of years and that's pretty good. I'm getting James a couple of pairs of pants for wearing outside work.

Better get going before the rest of the world gets there. Hope I can get to something quilty soon. I'm so enjoying looking at what you all are doing to decorate and make things festive. On that note I'll leave you with an image that also makes me laugh this time of year.

Thinking of my friend Jodi, who is having some surgery today. Jodi, your e-mail keeps bouncing back-it says your mailbox is what I said was this...:"You will be beautiful inside and out no matter what, sending you hugs"


Janet said...

I'm crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, and anything else I can cross for you because I know how frustrating it is to find something that fits and to go back to get more only to learn they're sold out! Hope you have better luck.

Love those two images!!

Gerrie said...

I used to love the idea of the Seinfeld show Festiva - a holiday for everyone.

I have a heck of a time buying pants, too. I can't wait to fit in to petites again.

Libby said...

Ahhh - Festivus . . . the holiday for the rest of us *s* A few years back we began celebrating Christmas on the 2nd Thursday in December. Our daughter worked in a hospital on the other side of the country - hospitals don't close on Christmas and saved her some $$$ on airfare. With funny looks from friends and others, we just told folks we celebrate Festivus - then everyone understood *S*