Wednesday, December 05, 2007

for Darcie-super sucker results, Roger 1-glove 0

Just a quick second entry today-This is what happens when gloves go bad. Let that be a lesson to it! I do think that it's giving me a completely inappropriate gesture though-
Thanks to Roger-for wrangling the great glove debacle for me. You're the best!


Darcie said...

LOL Wonder what Hallmark's Maxine would have to say about your story!

Finn said...

Hi Dee, just popping in to say "hello" and see how you are doing with this busy season upon us *VBS*
Not sure what to make of the 'glove' story, but I'll take your word for it...LOL
Love your WIP pieces...that's one BIG tree, I think.
I had forgotten it was WIP Wednesday so I'd better so think of something...but then, my life is a no problem coming up with something. Big Dec. hugs, Finn

Gerrie said...

Wow! I turn my back and 3 new posts. Sometimes I can't keep up with you! Is that a real tree shipped in from the NC woods? We are going to get ours on Friday. I bought some Christmas fabric to make s ome table runners - none as pretty as yours - I shoulda gone to Walmart!!