Sunday, December 09, 2007

Roger & James 0-- Tree 2

From the look of these two bodies under the tree it looks like a call to CSI is in order. Nevertheless...the tree is up and so are we. We like everything about the tree except that it doesn't smell like Christmas. It's very nice once you get the branches all fluffed out and everything in it's place. It sure is funny when you put the bottom piece into the metal stand and it whumps open like very heavy upside down umbrella. We had a good laugh over that. During the week I can get out a few things to put on it but for the most part-it's a done deal. The thing is covered with lights and very pretty. All and all a good experience.

I made it to Curves again on Saturday-that makes 4 days this week. Gotta keep up the pace. I must say it doesn't take long to feel a lot better so I, once again, ask myself the question, why do I fight this so much? There is just no excuse. Bad Dee, bad! One thing about Curves. In total, the experience is very positive. The women are so nice and they seem sincerely happy to see you. Very pleasant. On Saturday, they were playing Christmas music. Most of you know that at the gym they play a lot of almost disco stuff because it has a good beat and you can dance to it(thanks Dick). Well, they were playing disco drummer boy and Oh Holy Night(yeah really) I was contemplating jumping from a 4th floor window just from that. Then they have this voice that usually says" Move to the next station" Instead of that the voice was now saying "I am wonderful" "I am precious" "I am powerful" "I am beautiful" SERIOUSLY....for a half an hour it says that stuff.....every minute and a half......REALLY. The other two women there joined me in a customer revolt. We all stopped and looked at the Lady IN CHARGE. We said "Make It Stop Now" and then she said "the music or the voice" and then we said "BOTH.......NOW" She looked scared so it turns out, we are powerful! I never thought I'd be happy to hear Pink singing but the rest of the work-out was pretty good! I am woman hear me roarrrrrrr.

I did some actual sewing today. Put borders on a table topper for a friend and took up the hem on a pair of work-out pants that were so long I was tripping over them

Well, I must go clean up the kitchen since even though I am woman and I can roar, I suspect that no one will be cleaning up the mess I made making pulled pork for dinnerrrrrr.



Gerrie said...

Pulled pork - yummmm! I have never tried making it, but I love to eat it with some good vinegary cole slaw.

Keep up the work outs - it is the only way to survive the holidays.

Granny Fran said...

Fun Christmas decorating photos. Glad you ladies discovered your power!

Darcie said...

You're so funny, Dee! And do they play any Helen Reddy at Curves?! The Woman in Charge was probably born after that era? ;-) So glad you're taking time for you!!! Good Dee, good!

Love the pics of your guys!!! Too funny. Very Homer-ess. (The pics...not the guys.) ;-)

Debra Spincic said...

When I opened your blog and saw the first picture, I thought, "Now that is an interesting tree stand." Then, I looked closer! LOL!

Keep up the exercise!

Jane Ann said...

The tree is lovely and a trip to a Yankee Candle shop will fix your olfactory deprivation.

And as for "they seem sincerely happy to see you," who wouldn't be happy to see you come through the door? It would make me pretty darn cheerful to see you come through my door too!!

Tanya said...

Exhausting work huh? My little table topper tree certainly doesn't require a lot of time to put up but I'm still changing the decorations around hoping to make it more beautiful yet.
Curves has hit Japan but it's still a little too far away for me to venture to. Sounds interesting and empowering!

Quilting Journey said...

You sound like a truly busy woman, Miss Dee. You're doing good with your food pantry, your decorating with the unusual 'tree stand' ha... and all of that disco'ing at Curves! Sounds like Mr. James got his musicality from his momma! You keep twisting and shouting all the way through the holidays. Go, power woman, go!!

Grazia said...

Your blog is so amusing, Dee...I'm still laughing!!
I'll come back again!
Thank you for your comment.
Merry Christmas from Italy