Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Everythings a WIP & a Blast from the Past

Sorry for the poor quality of these shots. Thay are photos that I scanned a while back & they are clickable.

Since I have nothing to offer but a bunch of un-finished stuff and I need to get going, I thought you might enjoy a couple of silly blasts from the past. For several summers we would rent a place in Lake George. This is a shot of James and me in front of the Lake with the Mini-hah-hah sailing behind us. Dig those gigundo earrings!!! Looks like I was auditioning for the part of the Pirate Queen eh? I think James was most likely around 5th grade-middle school era. So that puts us somewhere in the 90s. That also puts me many pounds lighter and not gray. James has always been able to make me laugh so much. I've been blessed with a couple of guys who are fun to be with. In the smaller(clickable) photo, James is illustrating his confusion regarding his musical abilities. Funny enough though, he wound up being a percussionist-drummer. He does still play guitar and I love hearing him play. He has a couple of electric guitars but I love to hear him play the acoustic one. Anyway, he had been to a birthday party where the decorations were all blow-up musical instruments. He's a one man band that boy of mine!
I've got to get going to the....gulp....Mall. It's m plan to be there when Sephora opens so I can get a gift certificate for Dani. Then I'm hightailing it out of there since the Mall experience is frightening without it being Christmas. My friend Terry is home today so I will head to Curves and then to her house to have a cuppa. She rarely gets a day off during the week so I don't get to see much of her lately. I still need a gift for her and my other quilting buddy Pam so there is that to do. Somehow it never ends. Take-out Chinese for dinner today. One less thing .
Hope your day is peaceful

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Rian said...

Dee, I am so with you about the mall being a frightening place at Christmas. Avoid at all costs!!! Actually, we don't have a mall around here, so we get the added joy of searching for street parking (and having quarters for parking meters) to add to all the retail shock therapy.