Thursday, January 24, 2008

Waiting on the Mailman & Eye Candy

I have many things to get done today since the weather is expected to get ugly soon. These lovely threads are from a photo taken in a market in Morocco. Yummy silk thread in delicious colors. My shipment didn't come yet from Hancock's so I'm still threadless in NY. When I went to open my blog for writing this morning I saw that a new entry was made to the Studio. I just have such admiration for someone who can turn out a piece like this. I know many people have done the Dear Jane quilt but looking at it is like looking at a piece of history. It's really lovely. This one was done by Debby of Quiltnbee fame. It's a beauty. I hope she doesn't mind my giving the link but after all the work that went into this quilt, she deserves a shout out..wOOt.
I'm off to the store and Pantry and elsewhere. Back soon.


Gerrie said...

I am in awe of traditional quilting like this - yum. And how can I get my hands on that thread? I guess I need to go to Morcco.

Janet said...

I've been under the weather and haven't been visiting. When I opened your blog and saw that gorgeous photo of the threads I just gasped. Beautiful!! And the quilt you linked to is amazing. I can only imagine how many hours went into that.