Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Up-Date

This was a quiet, but delicious, weekend. We all trooped off to the same Italian restaurant we went to for New Years Eve and, for the most part, it was very enjoyable. The appetizers were not up to par but my dinner was very good. BIL Bob seemed to enjoy his while Roger found his lacking. James & Dani ordered the chicken parm. I thought that was a bad move on their part for two reasons. Never order the same dish. Then you can't try each others stuff and I make the best chicken parm that James loves. I knew theirs wasn't going to please him that much since it most likely wouldn't be crispy. I make my breading with a combo of flavored crumbs and Panko. Crunch to the max under all that cheese. Yesterday I made a fresh pork roast and smashed potatoes with gravy and corn. Comfort food.
I watched Elizabeth The Golden Age which I really enjoyed. I have the first one and I am a total sucker for a period piece. The costumes alone are fabulous and it's history, which I adore. I'm sure it's not everyones cuppa but it sure is mine.
The glorious fabric above is one of the latest pack of the month from Keepsake. Moda's Sentimental Stitches line. Very rich, color saturated, wonderful, almost silky hand. I just love Moda fabrics. Don't know what I will do with it yet. It's aging a bit-till I finish other things.
I have resumed walking the treadmill. Doing pretty good. One day at a time.
Hope your Monday is warmer than ours(18 degrees). Winter has finally arrived on Long Island. Brrrrr A real slap in the face after the springtime temps of late. Talk to you tomorrow.


Rian said...

Those red fabrics are delicious! Let's see you make something with them!

Gerrie said...

We are warming in to the 50's again today. I will try to send some warmer temps your way. the red fabrics were a lovely sight this morning. I gained a pound reading about your cooking and eating! Thanks!

Cindra said...

I loved the Elizabeth's, too. She must have been a fascinating woman. We are supposed to get snow here tonight and tomorrow morning. 2 hour delay? Maybe snow day? I wouldn't be so lucky. Hope the wind dies down a little.

Janet said...

I want to see that movie, too. I love period pieces and get lots of ideas from the costumes.

That fabric is beautiful. Love the color!

I hate to tell you but we've had the patio doors open for the past three days! Wanna come visit??

Grazia said...

wonderful fabrics.....I love that colour!!!!

Darcie said...

That's my Dee! One day at a time!

Love the red fabrics! They're oh-so-Valentiney.

We are supposed to get 4-6 inches of white stuff this morning. Which would all be terrific...IF the dratted winds would not blow!

Stay warm, Dee!