Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Possible exchange and Random thoughts

Addendum.... The fabric is now spoken for. Thanks for asking though-something else may fall off a shelf and bean me soon-thus allowing me to do another trade.

Occasionally, when I am in "The Closet of Shame", something falls off a shelf and onto my head. Fortunately most things residing there are made of cloth. This little pink wall hanging is something I made at least 15 years ago. Do you have little things that fade from memory and just never get out of the stacks anymore-this is one of those. It's perky so I think I may let it breathe a bit out here.
The second picture is of a pack of Keepsake fabric from Barbara Brackman and Terry Clothier Thompson that came to me when I was signed up for the historical fat quarter fabric packs. I've never used it for anything and it is in tact except for a 5 x 7 piece cut from the first fabric showing here. If any of you are making the Civil War Diary blocks or anything like that and would like to trade for some fat quarters of off-white-beige background fat quarters, e-mail me and maybe we can do a trade. I've had it for a while and I really need some neutral or tone on tone type fabrics for table toppers.
Not much going on around here. Spring is springing and the best part of my day is watching the goldfinches return. They really are little devils. They don't like to share and have these interesting battles mid-air for dominance of the feeders. As my husband says, "that's gotta be about sex."
I need to get some work done in order to get to the fun stuff. I have a stack of mail for the Pantry that needs attention and I want to get some vacuuming done so I can get out tomorrow and do some shopping for clothes. I have 2 pair of pants that fit me and one of them is too heavy for the weather we are having. This calls for a major shopping expedition tomorrow. One of my least favorite things to do...bah!


Janet said...

I had to chuckle over your husband's comment about the battle of the goldfinches! Sounds like something HB would say.

Your wallhanging with the pink houses is so cute. Maybe if you leave it out where you can see it you'll come with an idea to finish it. I sure know about projects partially completed and pushed to the back of the closet. I have tons that I never show anyone! Maybe that would be a post one of these days....except that would mean I'd actually have to pull them out and look at them! Oh, horrors!!

Linda C. said...

Has anyone volunteered to swap with you yet? I have been tidying up my stash, and I have an entire shelving unit of neutrals. I'd be happy to play "trade" with you, if the packet is still available!

Rian said...

I love the pink house quilt. Hang it up! I'm with you, shopping for clothes is a drag. Unless you're with a girlfriend and doing sport-shopping, then it's fun. But when you need stuff, when you have a goal, then "bah" is right! Buying bras is the worst.

Grazia said...

Your panel with pink houses is really cute!!!!
Fifteen years ago.... you already did so pretty were a very good girl!!!!

Gerrie said...

So, you are posting once a week now. I thought I had missed a week of fun and games! Hope you had a lovely Easter. I am inundated with family house guests, etc. Not much creativity going on.

Shelina said...

Those houses are charming - your quiltathon results are really wonderful.

Mary said...

That's a nice little wallhanging for spring!