Friday, July 18, 2008

Additional Passion needed

I need about 3 more rows of these squares for the Lavender Passion. This is the result of sloppy planning and not following a pattern. That would be me all over. Not a problem. I have enough fabric to make a few more rows. and I'll tackle that soon. I'm showing this because I was sewing in the Quiltalong with Judy. Wish I could say I got more accomplished but just getting all the rows together is as much as I could get done these past couple of days. I did a lot of work on a redwork embroidery piece as well but I don't have a picture of that to show yet.
I just got to thinking and wondering if I'm supposed to be sewing the quilt that Judy is making or is this a day for just sewing anything? I'm so confused. She has both these things going. Oh Well! I'll have to go back and check her blog.
We had our Thurs. quilting evening last night and despite the super heated temps, it was a funny night. We were all very silly and had a lot of laughs. It was really good to be together. My friend Terry is finishing a Christmas stocking for her son that she started when he was little. He's nearly 30 now and she's having trouble seeing the cross stitch. I mentioned that I had a table cloth given to me to cross stitch by a former MIL from another marriage-I won that round!Of course being older than both of them gives me a somewhat unfair advantage. I've had longer to accumulate crap.
Well, I'm off to the store for some veggies and such. It's a million degrees and humid so a nice salad is called for.
Hope you have a great weekend.


Cindra said...

The quilt looks wonderful... how big is it?
I've been playing Mamma Mia getting ready for the movie tomorrow night! Can't wait!

Kay said...

Oh, that's a great looking quilt. I like the simplicity and the contemporary look.

rianammerman said...

I LOVE that quilt!!! What plans have you for a border--if any? It's just beautiful.

Holly Elam said...

Very pretty top. I want to make one of these in brown and sage green for my bedroom.