Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Koi and I

Here's a picture of one of the 20 or so vineyards on the far north eastern tip of Long Island. Yesterday we went to visit our friends who own a house just past this vineyard in Mattituck. In the distance you can see the Atlantic. Everytime we drive out to see them I am so happy to be in this last, best, place on the island. Even though it's so over developed and populated more recently by famously obnoxious and very wealthy Hollywood types, it still remains, particularly at this time of year, a sort of wild place. I understand that during the season you can't, and frankly, wouldn't want to be here. Many of these wealthy people come out here and treat the natives very badly. For all of their money they have ot managed to buy manners.
When I was a younger woman you could come out here and not see anything but potato farms and vegetable farms for miles. It's not far to Montauk which is the tip end of the island and all there is between here and Ireland.

There ws a Japanese man who lived out here for many years who had a farm where you could by the most beautiful bonsai and fabulous trees and plants. He sold out and I hope he's growing beautiful things somewhere else still. It was truly a precious piece of land. In recent years it has, unfortunately been discovered. Farmers found that they could not afford to turn down offers for their land and so a number of housing developments sprang forth where miles of green growth used to be. It's no different a story than a thousand others you can hear about land developement. More recently, the members of families who have lived here for centuries have begun to question their mistakes and put more thought into just how much of this place they want to be developed. I'm happy to read about that. The best thing that has been developing for many years now are the vineyards. For years the wine was so so but now they are putting out a pretty good vintage. At least that's what I hear. What I like best about it all is that you can drive for miles and see nothing but grape vines on either side of the road. There's something wonderful about that.

Our friends have a pretty little house down a dead end road that is very private and sweet. In their backyard is a Koi pond that is brimming with fat, hungry, Koi. I could sit there all day and just watch them. They sense your approach and follow you wherever you stand...just waiting for you to throw them some delicious pellets.

They all but stand on there tails half out of the water waiting. I adore the Koi and wish our friends were closer. The pond is covered with a net that is nearly invisible and keeps out the racoons and other critters who would like to make a meal out of the Koi. The pictures are clickable.

While we were there we had a nice lunch and a visit. On the way home we stopped at one of the hundred farm stands and bought the most perfectly round, deep red tomatoes. Perfect for slicing and BLTs. Can you guess what we had for dinner? We also stopped at Briermere Farms for the best peach pie ever! It costs a fortune but it's really great. and bursting with real fresh peaches not that gloppy crap you get in the store.

I hope you are all having a good weekend and I'm thinking good thoughts for those of you who are in the way of that big wind from the gulf. Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

What a nice post. I'll look up Montauk on the map. I love BLTs for dinner. We almost had 'em for lunch today.

Gerrie said...

I spent a lot of my youth out there as I had family there. I remember the potato and duck farms. But, wineries? On Long Island? That reminds me. My family and friends would tease me when I came home from my time on the island as I said things like Dollah for dollar and Lon Gisland!!

You had a nice day.

Terry said...

So beautiful. I love the koi and always think how nice to have a pond full of them, but around here the raccoons feast on them and I hear the net does not keep them out. Coyotes too. Your pictures are wonderful. I am craving a big, juicy fresh tomato after reading this. I like em simple--sliced with a generous grind of black pepper and sea salt. (yeah salt, bad, I know)

Kim Carney said...

gosh, that sounds magical! I need a drive out to the country ;)

Perry said...

Thanks for the pictures. That is a beautiful area. I like your finished quilts you did this past weekend.