Friday, October 10, 2008


I hardly know what to say. I'm not a financially savvy person so my opinion is really based on worry about our future. We're fine now based on the fact that we live very simply and well within our means. No major debt to speak of except taxes and the cost of living. That should give us a lot to be grateful for but right now I'm still in the angry phase. Roger has worked hard his entire life and, like some others, we have played by the rules. Paying our bills and putting something aside for the day when we could enjoy a peaceful, simple, sort of retirement. I can't even imagine having all the money that we've lost in the past weeks. So much for a comfortable retirement?? I hope not. I took this cartoon from a fabulous political cartoon site-Darryl Cagle's site. If we can find anything funny about what's going on, it will appear there. I have had many a chuckle there but it's hard to find the humor in these awful days and the cartoon above about sums it up in a nutshell.
Today I am waiting for a mattress to be delivered for James. They are supposed to be here before noon but that time is slipping away quickly. I hope there's not a problem. In the meantime I'm writing some letters for the Food Pantry and reminding myself that there is always someone who has it way worse.
We are having a small summer weather return with temps in the 70s. Not complaining but the change from 45 to 70 is a bit of a pain. You just never know what to wear and I was really enjoying a return to fall. One thing is for sure. In mid October these days will not last much longer and I am trying to appreciate the warmth while it's here.
Wish I felt more like sewing but I can't seem to get my head around it right now. I've noticed that a number of people who blog regularly are not either. On the positive side of things to think about I have pounds of fabric and winter is coming so I won't be lacking in material to work. Even if my pocketbook is bare, the shelves are pretty full.
I hope things in your world are not too bleak. Talk to you soon.


The Calico Cat said...

Several good points - it really isn't fair, but what are we to do? Just put our nest egg into a simple savings account? Heck at the rate we are going, that would be better than the status quo - at least in my 401K...

That is why I am really angry about how the congress was able to relax the standards little by little, bit by bit... (Then again, they have a PRIMO retirement package...)

Gerrie said...

As you know, I am old -heh! I was born at the end of the Great Depression and spent my life with parents who worried about it thereafter. I was taught to buy what you could afford, save money for the unknown and to live frugally. I now worry that I will expire (I hate the other word) in the next depression. I don't worry so much about myself. I will get by, but damn, I hate it for my kids who are just getting their lives together and in their first homes. They have lived fairly credit free lives and worked hard to get where they are. They don't buy a lot of unneeded stuff and brand new things. They have not been part of the credit binge lifestyle, and I hate to see every thing slipping away. It is just not fair. OK, I am going to see if I can get some studio time in. XXOO

Libby said...

It sure hasn't been the best of weeks on the financial front. I'm trying to not look at it with too much doom and gloom. We did look up an historical chart of the stock market from its inception - that puts a better face on what we are seeing happen daily. And while it's probably not good to put your head under a pillow and ignore the situation, I do think we are getting too much information over and over and over again from the abundance of media outlets. Time for me to get back into my quilting cubby *s*

Cindra said...

I agree with Libby.. this "too much" information is making things worse. My husband will be 66 next month and has been self employed all his life. That means we have had to pay double for Social Security plus taxes, plus fund our own retirement. Last week was painful. We also do not live on credit.. our only debt being our house. We don't buy what we can't afford and live simply. This problem started with promising people homes that couldn't afford them. Setting them up for failure. Failure that we end up carrying on our backs.
As for the politicians... they are protected from all this so they promise their little 'ole hearts away. I think we should bring them back to the real world... their sweet retirement deal is a huge burden on us taxpayers. This has long been a gripe of mine. Don't get me started... it will never end. I hope things turn soon.

Kay said...

It's a terrible time for people nearing retirement or already there. As for younger people, I think things will eventually improve for them.

jettstream said...

My husband, who learned early on he had no stomach for the stock market, always lived beneath his means and "invested" in compounding interest only. He passed up opportunities to earn much more with stocks, but his homes and cars were always paid for, credit card bills paid every month. He was very fortunate to be able to do that, but he also worked at it. And I have job security as long as I'll need it. Good reason to be a bit smug, eh?

Nawwww. He's driving me nuts talking constantly about the financial markets, watching tv 24/7, and regaling me hour after hour, as if we'd lost everything we have. I'm not dumb enough to think we're bullet-proof; I know all of us are affected by this mess in varying degrees. My children will never have as good a life as I've had.

BUT, me? I'm just smug that I have enough fabric to get me through the next depression and beyond--without having to spend another dime. That's MY retirement savings!