Thursday, May 28, 2009


I want to thank all of you who commented so nicely on Roger's birthday. A big hug to you all and so great to hear from Judy in Northport again. Hi Judy!!How are you?

This top called out to me while I was rooting around in the "Closet" for something else. I made it to replace the cruddy quilt that I have used for myself for too many years. It was made from April Cornell charm packs and just used a simple throw-it-together method which really resulted in a less than pleasing top. I had the yardage and finally put borders on it last week. Why do I make things for others so pretty and yet when it comes to making something for myself, I knock out a careless top with nothing going for it but the fabric? I have sworn that when it comes time to make something from the Robyn Pandolph fabrics, I will be good to myself in all ways. Pretty pattern and pretty fabric. Before I put on the borders I contemplated taking all the blocks apart and doing something else. What, I don't know. But it did seem a shame to have this gorgeous fabric and no plan.
Did I mention that I got new Pandolph fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop??? Really pretty stuff. It's aging upstairs as we speak and looks like it will go beautifully with the many other fat quarters I already have. I think that at this point, I have enough to make a full bed-sized quilt rather then a smaller throw like the one above. Clearly a summer project on the horizon.

I seem to be in a bit of a slump-sewing-wise. So many things going on and events coming up. We are going to a reunion for Roger's High School class in the not too distant future (roughly 6 weeks)so I need to do two things. Loose 50 lbs and get a face lift. Barring those two things I guess I'll have to get something to wear that doesn't look like I just cleaned the bathroom in it. The casual life is nothing to complain about but it sure makes you lazy about how you look. I know we've all discussed this before but the clothes out there are for little tiny 15-year-olds. Baring my midriff and wearing very tight jeans are just not going to happen here. Along with that, little short sun dresses over little short stubby legs are also not happening. I believe I'll go with a silk shirt and slacks and maybe a tiny, pretty, sandal-type princess heel. That's a big order but I'm going to persevere. If I could find these things in black it would be a special gift from the universe. Stay tuned. Our best friends, Rich, Diane, and their lovely daughter Erika, are coming to stay with us and go to the reunion since Roger and Rich have known each other since Kindergarten. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to having them here. We've missed each other since "Roger's heart episode" last summer at their house in Pa.
I have no idea where this week has gone. Tonight it quilting with the girls night and so I must go and make a meal for the guys so I can get out of here on time.
Have a great day. Talk to you soon.



happy sewing dee!

Cindra said...

I totally understand the clothes situation. I would be perfectly happy wearing jeans or comfy pants and shirts the rest of my life, but we have a wedding coming up and I have been told that is not acceptable. I have tried some things on but feel fat and frumpy. so I am diligently working out. Now I am sturdy, fat and frumpy! LOL!
Show us a look at the pandolph fabric again!
By the way... I love the colors and the pattern of the quilt shown. Don't take it apart. Off to workout! AAHAHHAHAHAHA!

Janet said...

Don't even mention clothes shopping to me! When it seems that people are getting bigger all the time why are clothes getting smaller??? When we have some event to attend I'm always in a twirl for weeks trying to find something to wear. I wish I was one of those women who could just throw on anything and look fabulous but I'm not!!

Kay said...

These fabrics are so pretty, how could the quilt be ugly?

As for clothes, these tops that look sort of smocky are fairly flattering to the" mature figure." At least some of them are; you have to keep looking. Unfortunately they're in ugly prints usually. Good luck. I feel your pain.

Rian said...

Try Chico's. You can get those slinky travelers pants (and shell top) and find a lovely flowy over-shirt and some artsy jewelry for a total look. Go online first to see if it's something you like. Good luck; I know how it is.

Darcie said...

How is the shopping going for you? I hope very well. I personally think that black is always a winner. And linen or cotton or a blend of the two?! Or silk and/or cotton?! Best of luck.

You're not meaning that this quilt should be ripped out, are you?!? I think it's adorable. Very cottage-inspired.