Monday, June 08, 2009


I just checking in to say that I haven't fallen off the planet. There's just so much going on right now family-wise. The birthdays, the house fixin', the search for clothing, the lack of focus on quilting and so on. I think I'll take myself a little hiatus, as they say in the show business. Not sure what that means but it seems that when it occurs...your regularly scheduled program does not appear for a while. Every day that goes by that I don't up-date the blog just makes me feel guilty. Since I am German, I naturally come with an enormous amount of guilt-more I don't need!

So I'll be around a little to check up on you all but for the most part I'll be shopping, getting the house ready for company, and finding some clothes that fit(har har).

The next fun thing on my plate(ahem) my family is taking me out to Sushi Park for my birthday on Wed. Birthdays are a really strange thing now. I don't want to acknowledge them but I still want the fun. There is rarely a time all year that I can't buy what I want so it's not about the gifts for either of us. I do appreciate the "book money" I get from various relatives(hi Bob) so that's fun. I have been on a search for a handbag for about a year. I don't want those huge satchels with blingy crap all over them so it's not as easy as you would think. I also don't like a large, heavy, bag. Something along the lines of a classic Coach leather bag would be great. If I don't have to break the bank to buy it would be even greater. I know, dream on Dee.

Well, that's my story people. Paint chips and handbags. Sounds easy, no? Not so much. I'm torn between painting the walls the usual off white and going for some real color this time. I'll probably get lots of sample bottles and try out some color.
Wish me luck. I'll be back and I'll have tall tales to tell.


limpingalong said...

Happy birthday! I think purses are an intensely personal thing and agonize over each new purchase. I'd really love to carry a shoulder bag, in some lovely leather, but my back gives me fits when I do! So, I end up with something light weight. This year it is red with black straps. Empty the purse weighs 12 ounces. We won't talke about what it weighs packed!

Kay said...

I've discovered Baggallini bags and never looked back. They're nylon, and not as classy as leather, but actually with nice style. And they're light and convenient, and with lots of lovely pockets. Love them!

Good luck on the paint. I know how you feel; have been thinking the same sort of thing about color.

Janet said...

Enjoy your time off. If you find some clothes that fit you'll have to share with me where you got them! I have the worst luck.

As for the handbag, I don't have much luck finding those either! I'm just not much help to you at all.

Kathie said...

Happy Birthday!
just enjoy yourself!
can't wait to hear about the paint colors, I am going to paint our Living room and dining room, they are linen white now and I want color!
not bold just some warm color in these rooms. I know its hard to chose and go for color!

Libby said...

Happy Birthday! Have a fun time on your special day . . . . and all during your hiatus, too. Don't stay gone too long - we'll miss you too much.

p.s. Go for the color *s*

Cindra said...

Happy Birthday, Dee! Can't think of anything better than a sushi birthday! Unless it involved cake and ice cream, but I am being good. Have a wonderful hiatus! Relax and enjoy the family!

Cindra said...

Just checking in...hope your summer is going well.

Anonymous said...

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