Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's a vision thing.

Good News on the vision front. Here's the story and a bit of a cautionary tale. I went to my Ophthalmologist, a man I have been seeing for eye issues for years, and got some immediate answers. The cautionary part of the story is this. Don't try to save money when it comes to your eyes. The cheap will cost you in more ways than one.
I got my last Rx from the Dr. and had the glasses made. I hated the frames so much -they fit badly-I disliked the frame once I got them etc.. Thought I would save some bucks by going to one of the very famous places you see advertised on tv all the time ad simply having another pair made with free frames. Over the course of the last few years I've had some issues with clarity because of aging/drying eyes and possibly a medicine which had been prescribed for me and the dosage was upped during the past year and a half or so. Sooooo, I picked up the second pair of glasses and off I went. I felt a little tugging at my left eye(which is the weak one from astigmatism) so I just figures that it ws part of the new Rx and on I went with life. It seemed that over the course of the next few months, my eyes got blurry and things were a bit fuzzy watching tv. I also couldn't make the transition from close up to distance well. The longer it went on the more blurry and fuzzy and, frankly, dizzy I began to feel. So much so that I stopped ding many of the things I really enjoyed...hello...quilting, reading, watching old movies while sewing. Ten minutes after I got to the ophthalmologist I had an answer. The Rx, copied by the famous glasses place, was wrong on several counts. It was wrong on the distance measurement and wrong on the progressive bifocal. As soon as they put the machine up to my eyes and adjusted the right prescription I could see. I almost cried for joy. The Dr. said that these quick and cheap places just don't send their lenses to reputable places to be ground. In this case the numbers were way off and it was easy to see why I couldn't.
I'm thrilled with the news and my new glasses should be in next week. Yipee!!
I'm catching up with some things I have let slide around the house and just enjoying the fact that I'm not going blind. He did suggest that I get some liquid tears and that it would help with the overly dry eye thing. Sadly, it's an aging issue but one I'm happy to be able to deal with.
Hope fully by the beginning of August I will have my new glasses and be back to work on some sewing. I really miss my machine and I have fondled fabric so much I'm wearing the nap away on some of it.
We had a really fun time at Roger's reunion for a funny reason. The band was super bad. Imagine a bunch of elderly white guys trying to play Barry White and Play that Funky Music White Boy and you get the gist of the thing. Diane and I were convulsed. Of course the whiskey sours helped a lot. Our friends were here for a week that was pure joy. I miss them so much already. Our time went to fast.
Well, I must go and get ready for dinner with my friend Gerrie. We are celebrating her birthday this evening. Just the girls and some nice Italian food.
If you're still with me, thanks for checking in. I will get back to normal soon, Whatever that is.


Gerrie said...

Whoa! You have another friend named Gerrie, spelled the way I spell Gerrie? I thought I was the only one.

Heh! You know, I had a terrible with a pair of new glasses. I was getting dizzy and had headaches, etc. Went back to eye doctor. They adjust them and now I am fine.

I am so glad that your vision thing was easy to correct.

Terry said...

And she has another friend named Terry! But I've always known I was not the only one.

It is shocking to me how often glasses are made incorrectly. Even by reputable places. Last time I got new glasses I had to beg my eye Dr. to recheck my prescription. The optical shop is part of his practice. I knew it wasn't right and it wasn't.

Glad you can find the entertainment value of a bad band! You and I would laugh at a lot of the same things, I think!


Can you see me know?


Glad you got it fixed!
have a super girls night out! easy on those whiskey sours!

Kathie said...

thank goodness ! what a relief.

Kay said...

So glad to hear the good news. My last pair of glasses was awful too, but not as bad as yours apparently were. I too went back to a better place this time.
Now that you can see, looking forward to some quilty and book stuff!

Rian said...

I'm glad you got that sorted out! I've had the same experience at that "famous" lens place. Not a good time. Don't wear off your fingerprints fondling the fabric.

Libby said...

I'm so happy to hear that a good resolution (no pun *s*) has been found. Struggling with sight issues has no fun element at all. Glad to have you back