Thursday, May 27, 2010

Missed you so much

I hardly know where to begin. So much has happened while I was lost in space.
A few days ago I tried to upload some photos of a new piece I'm working on but I'm still in the throws of not getting Windows 7 and the myriad ways that it makes computer life easier.....NOT. I have come to the conclusion that I now get it completely when people say they want to beat up Bill Gates. Go away with your stupid useless "improvements" At some point why can't they just leave well enough alone? It used to take me less than 5 minutes to upload pics. I could do it while my tea brewed and bagel toasted. The photos from the other day are somewhere off in the mist. I have no idea where they are.
All this is by way of explanation why I'm showing you fabric instead of blocks. I cut into my stash of Robyn Pandolph goodies and have 7 blocks complete. I'm hoping to be able to show you soon. I'm making Ohio star type blocks with lots of polka dots as the complimentary fabric.
It is birthday season so we celebrated Rogers by going to PA to visit our best friends Rich, Diane, and their daughter Erika. We are hoping that Erika will come and stay with us for a time this summer.
DIL to be Dani's parents came home from Italy the other day and I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a beautiful crucifix from the Vatican. I got all chocked up when I un-wrapped it. What a thoughtful thing to do. They are such good people. Yesterday, I took the plant I had bought for Cheryl to her and she let me see the gorgeous photos they took in Rome and Florence. Just beautiful.
On the Food Pantry front...I'm done. I have left he building with Elvis. I gave them till June to find someone to take my place and they did. Sadly, the person they found is the remember, the one that goes missing all the time. As my friends Sally and Tammy have already said, there will soon be some angry donors in our village. I don't mean to imply that the job can't be done by anyone but me but it certainly can't be done by someone who already doesn't do the job she signed up for. Wait till the fall season when there are nearly 500 letters between Thanksgiving and New Years. Twelve years was enough for me. I have so many personal family things going on now that need my attention so it was time to say adios. The job began to take over my life.
After James & Dani get married in Sept. I can get into my sewing room and stay there most days. At least that's my plan.
I'm hoping by the weekend that Roger can help me with the photo thing. It's no fun without pictures. I have been so busy that I missed the "Spring Quilt Festival" and a couple of "Interpret This" series. Sorry ladies. I plan to get around and see what lovely things you have created soon.


Suzan said...

How frustrating for you! I have had no problems with any of the newest upgrades from Microsoft but apparently I am just lucky! Love the Robyn Pandolph florals. I just saw her new line - very pretty!

Kay said...

Those Robyn Pandolph florals are some of my all time favorite fabrics. They'll be beautiful made up.

Congratulations on retiring. Sometimes you just have to let other people cope.

Del said...

Welcome back! We have missed you. I don't have any trouble with 7, but this $%&#^&*($ Fujitsu laptop is going to drive me to drink. What a piece of junk. Del

Janet said...

Missed you, too! And I completely sympathize with you over the computer stuff. Just about the time I get something figured out they go and "improve" it.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Congratulations on reclaiming your life!
You've given so much and now you deserve some ME time!

Darcie said...

Love those RP fabrics of yours. I (and about 99 others, give or take) got to take a schoolhouse lecture from her while I attended quilt market in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago. She really lives *the life.* Travels all the time and even has a flat in England. How cool!

Glad to hear that you've retired from your position. Your shoes will indeed be difficult to fill...but don't let that stop you from dancing in the ones you're wearing! ;-)

ND hugs to you!