Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Some questions-some answers-

These are the blocks I am working on in the Robyn Pandolph fabric. Even though I tried to fix the colors, the one on the left is truer to the real tones. The red dot is more of a wine color and the green dot is more soft and olive. Well anyway, it's coming along a block at a time.
I planted flowers today and my body is screaming from the shoulders to the knees. Getting old is not pretty. It's taking me days to plant a couple of trays of flowers that normally would have been in the ground a while back. I planted a sweet potato vine in among some other stuff. Just for giggles. The lady at the nursery said I should be able to pull up some sweet potatoes in the fall. Clearly she doesn't know who she's dealing with. Around here I wouldn't be surprised to see a critter sitting in the flower bed in Sept with a salt shaker and a fork full of potato. Makes for interesting viewing.
I had meant to lay out all the blocks that I finished and take a picture of them for you but that will have to wait till tomorrow. It's late in the day here and I need a big cold drink and a lot of pain meds.
One of my favorite blogging people quit blogging today. It made me think about my reasons for starting this and how I feel about it now. Not sure. Maybe I need to think about it when I feel better. This blog has not turned out to be what I originally intended. I wanted it to be more of a journal of my thoughts and my life and opinions. Since the blog got discovered by local folks, I don't feel free to comment on things and give my true feelings about things like politics. It's not that I'm a particular political pundit but I have been slammed viciously in other places for speaking my mind. I guess I thought I had a tougher skin. These past few weeks some things that are very hurtful have happened culminating in a REALLY hurtful experience this past weekend when I opened the paper and honor was bestowed on numerous people for their work in the community. Not one mention of my name and I've been at it for 12 years. People were honored who left and retired more than 2 years ago. I've never been one to stand in the room screaming "look at me, look at me" but I guess the old saying about the squeaky wheel is true. They even honored a woman who came 6 years after me. When I mentioned this to the director of the Ecumenical Lay Council, of which the Food Pantry is one off-shoot, he told me they only honor people when they leave. With that, I told him I quit. I actually thought it would be unkind of me not to come back in Sept after my son's wedding, and finish out the busiest time of the year. They can look for someone who will write over 500 letters in December and pay for the postage and all costs associated with the job. It's the printer ink that kills you(kidding). I really loved my job and the communicating with so many generous people in the community. It was a time sucker but I made it what it is today. Time to pass it on to someone else. I will miss it but it will leave me with a boatload of time. That's the upside.
Anyway, I think that this accounts for my mood and then reading that a good friend won't be blogging just made it a kind of sad day all around.
Well, I'm off to try and do some more blocks and try to regain my sense of humor and question if it's time to re-think the blogging thing. Maybe just come back in another bloggy form?? I'll let you know and I appreciate ever one who is nice enough to comment. You make the day much brighter. Thanks.


Gerrie said...

You are a star in my book!! I don't blame you at all. I think it is good to pass these jobs around. I am happy that you will have a boatload of time and maybe more time to make me laugh when you blog.


Suzan said...

Well, if you decide to stop this blog and come back in a different format, please let me know! I am terrible about commenting but I do read every one of your posts. I used to worry about how often I posted on my blog but I have gotten past that. I do what I can, when I can.

AnnieO said...

People who are selfless often get taken for granted, and that is obviously what has happened to you. Sorry to hear that hurtful things are coming your way. Totally not fair!

I hope you do continue blogging as I always enjoy stopping by and seeing what you are up to and always getting a laugh.

Now go rest and don't drive while you're on your meds :)

Del said...

I join the others - I hope you don't give up blogging. I am a regular reader and enjoy hearing your views on things. I don't know that I have ever disagreed, but if you didn't ask I wouldn't tell you anyway! My daily blog is a discipline in my not-very-organized-life and sometimes I wonder why everyone isn't just bored to tears. But I do keep several blogs that nobody reads, which is the way I intend it. Mine is also NOT a 'public' blog, so the address is not out there for anybody looking for a punching bag. On the other subject you raise - it took me sixty plus years to get to the point that I don't care if I am appreciated or not. I do volunteer work strictly for the pleasure it gives me. Sounds selfish maybe, but it hurts a lot less than hoping in vain for someone to pat me on the back. I agree with Gerrie - it is good to pass the jobs around. Let it go and involve yourself in the things you enjoy. And keep sharing them with us.

Kay said...

I also would miss your blog I always read it. It seems that many people who have been doing it for a while are slowing down. I'm not sure why.

I truly sympathize about all the problems and lack of appreciation you're feeling. But think of the people who have been helped, and maybe that will help you.

Beautiful quilt blocks, by the way.

Melody Johnson said...

Doesn't life sometimes just make you wanna spit?
Arrghh. Double Arrgghh.

Here's a thanks for you from me.
BIG THANKS for just being you.

Libby Fife said...

I would miss your blogging!

It is hard when you don't get the recognition for your efforts. Even harder to be happy on your own with your efforts without the feedback.

I have been surprised sometimes with how what I say is misconstrued. I have only had one or two bad comments which I eventually(eventually) got over. So, I don't speak my mind on my blog as much as I would normally-this goes for in real life also. I just don't need to have any unnecessary arguments:)

Darcie said...

{{{bloggy hugs}}}

I know that you will do what's best for you, Dee. I would never want to sway your decision, one way or another. But please know that YOU JUST CANNOT LEAVE me!!! (whine and coffee does mix, by the way) I love your writing and your photos and your thought processes and getting to know your family and your surroundings and....

More hugs....

Rian said...

Aw, don't stop blogging. So your blog morphed and evolved as time went by. It's still great, and I would miss hearing about your doings. Screw those people who left you out of the credits. I would write them a letter and tell them how much this hurt you. My hunch is it was an oversight, but they should know. Cretins...

Janet said...

I have been up to my eyeballs in a project so I'm several days late getting around....but I sure hope you don't quit blogging. As for the honors thing, I say their loss! If they don't recognize your true worth then they don't deserve you.

Judy from N said...

I just returned from vaca and am catching up.
I know that volunteer work can be hard and thankless, and sometimes it is best, but not easy, to just let it go. I am also sorry to hear that village politics has bitten you. Not living in any village, I am totally ignorant.
I want you to know that should you stop blogging I would miss you a lot. You are wry and articulate and a total joy to read, even when you are writing about hard things.
Finally, thanks for your mention a while ago of Linwood Barclay. I am hooked!

Joanne S said...

I lost a job because of what I wrote in my "private,just me, blog". It turned out for the best but it was quite and shock and I felt violated. Cleansed my blog posts for any thing I thought would make people mad. Then I said-the hell with that, and told everyone about what happened. Now I write about everything (as you well know) and just "don't care".

I've been organizing the local booksale (taking it from $12K to 34K in that time period. The library has had five volunteers honored for contributions to the library. I am never even considered. Perhaps they know if they give me the award, I will return it?

Keep writing. I like reading.