Monday, June 07, 2010

Wonderful friends far & near

I'm showing you this group of blocks since I think it's what I will put together next. There are a few more since I took this shot but it will essentially remain a wall quilt size. The picture is there because I remain a brainless twit and have forgotten everything I learned last week about up-loading photos to this cursed Bill Gates horror of a computer and as we all know, blogging is no fun without pics.
I want to thank all of you for the nice comments regarding the blog. I think I'll take a page from Rian, who blogs when she has something to report that may interest you. I'm hoping that will be more often since things around here are popping and snapping like bad electrical wiring. So on that note I will try to do better. Much thanks to the elusive Judy from Northport, who is still successfully hiding from me in a bunker nearby.
The wedding plans are sipping along with, a minimum of issues that I'm sure will be resolved soon. It's going to be fine. That's my mantra..oooommmmmm..oommmmmm. There, that's better.
We are into the crazed Everybody's Birthday Month around here. The photo that I'd like to show you is what I got from my darling friend Gerrie Congdon in Portland. She sent me a beautiful small piece called "Pearls of Wisdom" I promise to show you all when I can get Roger to help me again with this upload situation. The thing is that in making what they call improvements, we have gone from clicking twice and up-loading to going through an un-believable crapfest to even get to the photo album. Why anyone calls this an improvement is beyond me. Sure does make one feel like a moron though. Anyway, along with the beautiful little art piece Gerrie included a card designed by her brilliant daughter Lisa. Double my pleasure!!
I'm ordering a jelly roll of American Jane, Breath of Avignon, a line I have admired forever and I was lucky enough to find one left at the Fat Quarter site. I'm so in love with anything from American Jane. Those colors make me smile. The photo above is American Jane blocks from an earlier collection. Happiness.
Anyway, among the other things that make me happy, besides you all, is my new Weber Grill. We were due for a new one and this is a pleasure to use. I'll be making ribs later, hurry on over. Bring drinks!


Gerrie said...

You always make me smile - well, almost always!

Rian said...

I'll be right over. Glad to have you still with us. We're all pals in this blogosphere, and when one goes missing it leaves an empty spot.

Those are some dynamite blocks! Whew! My eyes is a-poppin!

Frog Quilter said...

my kind of blocks. Love it.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I love how you put this together with all the fabric - very "Material Obsessionish". Delightful.