Thursday, June 17, 2010

This & That

I think I'm finally getting to the point where I can up-load photos without scratching my head until it's sore. That the photos are not very good-hopefully that will evolve soon. I am, after all, a constantly evolving woman...bwahhhaha. Click to see a larger and better shot.
Here's the small piece I made from strings of Kaffe Fasset fabric. It's really busy work and after a bunch of these, you really need to work on something verrrry plain for a while. Maybe something Amish and without any print. I honestly enjoy the Kaffe fabric but after a while it feels like you are in the middle of a fabric storm. A bit of a frenzy. I need a major clean-up of my work area which is already very small without the addition of piles of wildly patterned fabric. Anyway, there you can see what my birthday brought my way. A jelly roll and honey bun of American Jane, Breath of Avignon. I love her fabrics and after a little eye rest will find something fun to make with them I've been admiring some of the wonky star quilts I've seen around the blogs.
A squirrel update-I'm thinking they are smarter than I may have imagined. Ever since I wrote the last entry about them in the cherry tree, I haven't spotted a squirrel eating anything but the birdseed we so laughingly put out... you know... for the birds, har har.
Today is Dani's birthday and I hope she's having a great day. She's probably at work so how good the day is may be relative. James will be going to her house tonight for a family celebration. I just can't believe how much we have come to love her. All of us just think she's the best. Happy Birthday Dani! It's also my good friend Terry's birthday. She is away for a couple of days so I can't wish her a great day in person but I am thinking of her and hoping that the next year is a thousand percent less interesting. You may know of the Asian blessing/curse, "May you live in interesting times" I'm fairly sure that Terry would like a boring and less interesting year. That's my wish for her.
I must go and de-clutter some space. Talk to you soon


Gerrie said...

Hippo Birdy Two Dani! I am so happy that you have such a lovely future DIL! I wish mine lived closer.

Rian said...

I think the pictures look great. Beautiful quilt, by the way. Love those fabrics! And I don't think they look too busy at all.

Michele Bilyeu said...

"May you live in interesting times"...that's great. Now, I understand more bout the mega-drama in my life ;) I've always, always said that I've lived an interesting life. And most people don't know the 1/4 of it. HA. me and the squirrels ;) PS Make Jackies hyperdermic smaller too. She's scaring me!