Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Autograph blocks

Gerrie's poem made me laugh so much. See yesterdays comments. So funny.

I can't imagine how this entire morning got away from me but sleeping in till nearly 9 may have something to do with it. Last nights loud and scary storms may have too. Love those spring showers and May flowers but enough with the lightning and thunder already.

Meanwhile it's almost noon and I've only got 3 blocks to show for it. These are for Victoria over at Bumbles Beans. On a sadder, related note, there is a young boy missing from her daughter's school in Manhattan and here is the info. I hope by the time I get this blogged he is found safe and sound. There seems to be so much horrible news around here lately. Surely something good will come of this. Fingers crossed, prayers said. You say some too.

UPDATE_Alex was found-all is well.

I am running even later than usual because I took an hour out of my already late morning to go to the post office to mail my taxes(grrr) and then I took myself to the beach to see the wild waves and think about ways to be more healthy and avoid having to pay that much in taxes next year(holy smoke). I really wanted to walk the boardwalk but the mist was coming down heavily and it began to rain steadily minutes after I arrived. It was beautiful to see but very damp and cold. Tomorrow is supposed to be better. I'll try again then. We have had a lot of wet weather and I'm sure that once the sun returns it will warm up fast. Trips to the beach remind me of Roger so much. In a good way though. It was something we often did on days when it was too wet to do much else outdoors.

Anyone watch the Good Wife last night? Is that the last episode of the season?? Hope not. Don't want to wait till Sept to find out what happens but they often do that to us don't they? I got the second season of Nurse Jackie. Watched most of it Sunday night until way too late. What a great show that is.

Back to work...Talk soon.


Rian said...

Again, good to see you back! If you want some help with those finances (taxes), Jim would be glad to give you some pointers. He is brilliant when it comes to financial planning (which is a very good thing because I am hopeless). Taxes are a necessity but there are investments you can make that let you keep more of your money rather than giving it unnecessarily to the government.

Gerrie said...

I love The Good Wife! It may be the last one - next week is a repeat. We watched Nurse Jackie straight through and it is almost too much to bear, but I love it.

Take care and stay dry!

Debra Spincic said...

I like The Good Wife too. At first I couldn't keep the characters straight but now I have them down.
I also watched The Borgais on Sunday. That one may take some close concentration to keep everyone straight too. I guess it keeps our minds sharp.

Joanne S said...

The seasons usually end in May with the sweeps. So we may get another episode--or not.

It was good. But I like the good old fashioned courtroom stuff and too much of the show lately has been soap opera.

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Hi Thea! thank you for posting about Alex. It means a lot to all of us...They Found Alex this morning shortly after I posted it. He was recognized, (showing pics of missing kids works!) thank goodness...

You have a bunch of cutie blocks there...