Saturday, April 16, 2011

bits & pieces

There's a very old saying that goes something like, "whom the gods would destroy, they first make crazy." Well, just call me crazy... Seriously, what in the name of sweet mercy was I thinking. Never again. I love paper piecing for small works but this was just plain nuts. The one good thing about it is that it creates such complete tedium that you can fall asleep while doing it. After I posted yesterday I was determined to get somewhere with this and I did. What a mess all over the kitchen floor and I will have to get the tweezers and go over all the bitty bits, but I made some headway.

In the bin with this was that little 9-patch I finished a while back and never put the binding on. I managed to finish that just before I fell into a coma last night. .

We are having a stormy day here. High winds and heavy rain predicted for later. Tomorrow is supposed to be somewhat better. Last night Bob and I went out into the side yard around midnight with flashlights. There was an unhappy threesome of raccoons shrieking at each other. No doubt a failed amorous adventure. In all our years here we couldn't recall such a wild and crazy fight and for cripes sake it was 25 feet up in a very thin not to sturdy tree. The lights were coming on all over the neighborhood to see where the hell the racket was coming from. Most times that we have this sort of thing it just sounds more like cats fighting. Last night was like someone being murdered in the yard next door. They didn't even stop when we shone a very bright flashlight on them. Ain't love grand?

Further signs of spring- the farmer's market is back in the village. Haven't been yet and the bigger market down by the harbor is about due to open. Fresh veg to look forward to. Some fish and lobster too!!

I'm going to sweep up this mess and take a nap. Back soon.


Terry said...

Oh man. I never loved paper piecing for this very reason! The quilt top is beautiful. I hope you can stand to pick all that paper off, because you will have a treasure. I sort of loved the mental image of you falling asleep while you were mid paper picking.

Libby said...

Oh how I love farmer's market - so many lovely (and tasty) things to peruse. Of course, we don't find lobster here, but we do have fish from time to time.