Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roger's violets

These violets are from a basket that came when Roger passed away. It was a whole basket with several small pots grouped together and they were so pretty. As with so many of the flowers back then I contemplated pitching most but remembered than Pop used to love the violets too. He kept them under a plant light in the other part of the house by his desk and really enjoyed them when they flowered. One of the many changes in life right now it that I'm kind of at loose ends regarding a schedule. I don't really have to be anywhere at any particular time and since "making dinner" has gone by the wayside too, I can plan my day as I wish. One of the things I missed being a mother and wife was having a lot of time to take care of things like plants. That, along with the fact that I have few windows with good sun kept me from fussing too much about them. Besides, life was busy with kid and husband stuff.

Over the course of the winter I've been nurturing several of the plants I received including these lovely violets and they have rewarded me with beautiful full, fat, blooms. I have another couple not shown and they seem to be a very light cross between pale pink and very pale violet. I'm really enjoying this particular aspect of singlehood. Years ago when I was on my own I had many beautiful house plants but over the years filled with other distractions they all went by the wayside. I think it's the frustrated gardener in me. My back and knees are a problem and outdoor gardening is very hard for me.

Anyway, this week has, once again, slipped away from me. I had some banking stuff to take care of - new accounts and other stuff. Some meds I have been taking for my knee and arthritis pain upset my stomach a lot and that coupled with the cold wet days just made me sort of useless and not feeling like doing much but reading and cuddling up on the couch. I'd better get on with things because we are coming into the birthday season. Everyone has a birthday in the next month or so.

I swear I will get more productive. There is just so much to take care of and it overwhelms me. Good thing I don't drink...hmmm..

I have the blocks cut for a spiderweb and I just need to mark them and get going. Always wanted to make something with these blocks. Hopefully I will get a chance to start later. The machine's out and waiting.

Talk to you soon.


Janet said...

The violets are so pretty. I've never had much luck with them. I used to have a lot of houseplants but, like you, over the years they've just disappeared from my life. Surprisingly I don't have windows that are good for plants. You'd think in So Calif that I could grow anything!

Debra Spincic said...

While I like houseplants, I seem to like them better at other people's houses.

You'll get things done in your own time. No rush.

Joanne S said...

Another good reason to send a "dish garden" or basket of mixed live plants to someone.

I can't count the number of people who bring plants in to be repotted or pruned---plants that were gifts at long ago funerals. While I "fix&fuss" with the plants, the owners talk about the person who died. Lovely stories.

It was nice to hear about Roger's Violets.

Libby said...

Gorgeous violets! I remember having the ability to grow them with ease . . . then The Princess became mobile and the rest is history just like the violets *s*