Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trip stuff...

I'm back and lookee what I found in Maine while we were there! Seriously, We stopped at the Owl's Head Transportation Museum and they happened to have an exhibit of classic MGBs. As you may remember, I had an MGB that was my baby for 14 years. It was a newer model(72) but my baby nonetheless. And red too!

The trip was lots of fun with a few minor tears thrown in. Only on my part and I tried to keep it from the kids. We stopped at Thunder Hole on the Loop on Cadillac Mountain and since it was a favorite spot for Roger, all I could see was the image of him basking in the sun on those rocks as he did for so many years. I kind of lost it quietly and took myself off for a little quiet weepies. By the time James and Dani got back in the car I was OK and we proceeded on.

We stayed in a very beautiful hotel right there at Bar Harbor called the Harborside Inn & Resort. It was well worth every penny. Since it was a week or so before the season opening, I could actually afford to pay the tab without getting a bank loan. The only downsides were that many places hadn't yet opened and they were re-surfacing the main drag but that didn't stop us from going places and doing things. It was just a little bumpy here and there. We found a delightful restaurant for dinner one night and had a fabulous meal. Dani did some on-line searching and found a place for breakfast called Two Cats. Everything was made to order and just delicious. In all the time Roger and I had gone there we never ventured up into that part of town and discovered the place. I had a lobster omelet and they made biscuits to die for with homemade strawberry butter. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin...

All in all it was a lovely time. I wish we had gone directly there for the few days but as we were planning I thought it would be better to make a stop in Boothbay rather than drive for 9 hours all the way to Bar Harbor. Boothbay was really closed up pretty tight. We did manage to find a place to eat there the one night that was a kind of neighborhood grill. The food was excellent though.

My son did all the driving except for a brief time by Uncle Bob. Dani and I sacked out in the back nearly all the way home.

We all missed Miss Lucy very much but she was getting special treatment by Dani's sister Victoria who sent photos to Dani's phone regularly.

I dog sat on Wed. while Dani had some plans and Lucy and I wore each other out. I had her again yesterday...ditto. She was exhausted from guarding me from the evil squirrels and birds and the occasional cat. Today, we are finally getting some rain. Thank goodness. The green tree stuff is everywhere including our noses and sinuses. I welcome a good rain to wash away some of this sneezy mess. As for the rest of the day, I'm settling down with the Kindle on which I downloaded Mah Jong and Solitaire. Very addicting. Tomorrow I will get out the machine and do some sewing. If nothing else, I got some new pants that need hemming.

For the rest of this day I'm napping and reading and the finale of Survivor is on tonight. Every time I say I'm not getting sucked in but here I am again.

Hope you have a peaceful day-more tomorrow.


Gerrie said...

So happy you had a lovely sentimental journey. If you didn't get weepy, it would be you!!!!

I think you need to get your own puppy.


Janet said...

The trip sounds like just what you needed. I'm drooling over that breakfast you described....lobster omelet and biscuits! Yum!!

Joanne S said...

Don't you just love Maine? Lobster omelets! G and I will have to drive up there someday and stay at that hotel and eat breakfast at the Two Cats. We stayed at a bed and breakfast last time--one of the old Aster summerhouses with a big "trunk" room off the bedroom for all the trunks of clothing they brought on the train.

We liked it and it was also off season. We haven't gone to Cadillac Mtn yet. So I have that on my list too.

I am so glad you had such a nice vacation.

Survivor. Makes me crazy but I also get sucked in all the time. I wonder who is coming back from Redemption????

Terry said...

Sounds like a great trip and I am also drooling over the thought of a lobster omelet.

I am a hopeless Survivor junkie. I try to resist, but I can't. I have to say, as much as I am tired of Boston Rob, I am rooting for him. Maybe he can retire after this one.

Debra Spincic said...

and a good time was had by all! Just what the doctor ordered. Yea!!

Libby said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip - mixing in memories with new places was a nice thing to do. I am just a touch envious of your time in Bar Harbor - we visited last summer and found it to be such a great town, open to visitors without being too, too touristy *s*