Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I call shenenigans or Sunspots

I tried to post yesterday. Really I did. Stop laughing back there. There are gremlins afoot. It's either Blogger, our server, or some mystical thing that has to do with sunspots. I'm giving it another go.

About a week or ten days ago I got an e-mail from our cable company. Normally I don't complain much about cable since they really are pretty good and certainly very fast as they claim. (Lets discuss how crappy digital tv is someday though.You know, the constant freezing of the screen and the efforts to sync it back up that take just enough time to lose half a program) But I digress, they stated that there was work being done and we could experience problems with the server. They also said that in an effort try and not screw with us too much, work would be done mostly between the hours of midnight and 6 am. That works for me. I have a Kindle, the answer to all technology problems in my world so I'm prepared. Besides, if I'm on the Internet at those times you can be fairly certain that I'm having a serious problem since I am distantly related to Rip VanWinklezzzzzzzz.
Then I saw an article in, I think, the Times regarding the major solar flares that are due to cause us to run screaming from our electronic hardware in the next months. As a side note, you may remember that Roger worked in science as his job for 35 years. One of his favorite answers, as well as many of his colleagues in the community, to the question of why some piece of technology wouldn't work was...sunspots. Once when I couldn't get the TV to work and nothing went right he looked at me with a very serious face and said...sunspots. It became our personal mantra for everything that goes bump in the night, to why my cake fell apart or the car made a funny noise. I really miss that sense of humor of his so much.
I'm beginning to think that this is how the world will end. Sunspots will drive humanity insane and we will all perish in the onslaught from having to do without our electronic stuff.
For instance, I just found a photo of some shoes I bought from Land's End. Nice Suede Penny loafers. The photo somehow deleted itself or I would show you how cute and preppy my little loafers are. Hate to admit it but I'm the last, sad, aging preppy around. I don't like bling, or blouses that are covered in sequins and stuff and if you could see my closet(heaven forbid) you would find the worlds largest collection of chinos and linen shirts. I spent a good part of yesterday looking for some clothing to wear in NC next week. I came home with three things and one doesn't fit right. There are beautiful sweater sets and tweed sweaters in the stores but frankly, there would have to be a major change in NC weather for me to need a sweater in October. It's still in the 70s here for the rest of the week. So I guess I'll take my nice linen stuff and hope there is an iron in the room. Linen always looks like you just got out of bed midday but I like to start out crisp. Wish I could iron my face.
Just in case you couldn't imagine this post getting any more boring...I spent the morning interviewing families for the Adopt-a-Family Christmas program. Specific wants and needs for each family are our goal so lists must be gathered and sizes etc. so that the various churches in our community and ask people to help and know that they will have a guideline to help the givers.
So good people of Bloglandia, that's where my morning and some of the afternoon went. Now I have laundry and some clean-up to do and then...praise the heavens...I can maybe get to the machine and work on the crosses above. I'm still trying to get back to doing something with them after months. That is if I don't run into any more sunspots.


Terri said...

I'm so glad you cleared up that sunspots are to blame. I wonder if they work their troubles on flesh as well. It would explain the aches and pains.
I, too, hate to shop for clothes. There is just never anything I like in my size and price range. Trouble is, I've never sewn anything that I've liked to wear, either. Maybe we should be nudists. San Francisco has allowed nudes to walk around town... we could go there and remind them that they shouldn't have passed that law. Ha Ha!

Gerrie said...

Sun spots! Love it! My engineer husband says it is stray gamma rays - but I think they come from the sun spots!

Joanne S said...

Mercury in Retrograde.

What is wrong with a nice linen blouse and a comfortable pair of pants? I'll match my closet full of linen to yours!!! LOL

Digital television has a nice crisp picture---when it is working. Otherwise, it's crap.

My daughter's office (all the employees) adopts a family at Thanksgiving and another at Christmas. Instead of exchanging gifts. She usually gets me to make pieced placemats for the Thanksgiving basket. When I belonged to a Quilting Chapter, we all donated two potholders to the Elks Club Thanksgiving Baskets.

Rian said...

Sunspots! Good call. I thought maybe gremlins, but I like a cosmic explanation better.

AnnieO said...

Well, better sunspots than poltergeists, right? I didn't find your post boring at all--lots of chuckles from me for sure.

About your TV freezing: It is probably due to a old or bad cable. We had that problem every time we rented a movie and then when we replaced the TV cable with a new HDMI one, voila!

Del said...

I once had a friend that wore linen a lot and I finally asked her if she didn't get tired of being rumpled at the end of the day. Her reply, "Why no, it just shows I have the good taste to wear linen." End of comments!