Wednesday, June 06, 2012

More tripping

P5210003 This was the view outside the condo we rented on the Oregon coast in Depot Bay. We saw 3 orca but I was not fast enough with my camera to catch them. The coast was just as beautiful as I imagined and every view seemed like a postcard. I got a crick in my neck from constantly looking up to see the giant trees. It did rain every day but it wasn’t enough to stop us(or anyone else) from just going on with our day. We drove to Newport and had lunch down on the docks in a lovely restaurant. It was very modern and the food was fresh off the boat. Did some exploring and some shopping on the way back to Depot Bay in time for cocktail hour. On the way to our rental we had made a stop at Tillamook Dairy for some cheese. My son had taken a trip out West with Uncle Bob years ago and still remembered the ice cream at Tillamook. We brought cheese curds, sharp cheddar and a few other things for cocktail hour. Our purchases from The Flying Dutchman Winery the day before  made a delicious time for everyone. What could be bad…wine, cheese, good company.

The people that owned the condo were very nice and verrrry fonnnd of glass. The whole time we were there I kept thinking that someone was coming into the room when it was just a reflection in all the glass everywhere. More than I wanted to see of me but that’s a small complaint. Everything else was lovely and spotless.

P5210007 One of our days there we decided to go see the Seal Caves. It was a little rainy and the temps were about 55-60. As time progressed the wind picked up and the rain came down sideways. By the time we walked out of the caves to return to the entrance the wind had picked up to 60 mile an hour gusts. At one point I couldn’t move standing up. We had to walk bent at the waist and hold on to the railings for dear life. Cousin Susan started laughing and then we all started laughing and couldn’t stop. About half way up(did I mention it was uphill?) there is a ladies room and all four of us piled into it and just stood there in tears from laughing. My fingers were frozen since it had suddenly gotten colder. It was 42 degrees people!! 42 freaking degrees. I’m used to winter but the girls from Florida were feeling like they landed in the arctic. Anyway, we tried to calm ourselves down and the little room was heated so the Florida gang finally warmed up. When we opened the door to make our way, it turned out we only had a couple of feet to go to our destination…more laughter.


Here are the rocks outside from the balcony. We were sorry to leave this place. It was really beautiful. I will definitely go back. I was so sorry to miss seeing my good friends in Portland and Beaverton. The plane trip is long and fortunately went smoothly. BIL Bob got us first class tickets and they served us breakfast and then lunch on the next flight but it’s a long time to be in the air. We flew into Seattle and drove down to Oregon the first week. Then back up to Richland Wa.via the Columbia River Gorge(breathtaking) where my niece was getting married. Richland is part of Tri-cities and is a big fruit and wine growing area. James and Dani flew into Pasco, one of the Tri cities. It’s also very much like a desert. So we went from rainy 50s to very warm 75-80s temps. The wedding was so beautiful. It was in a vineyard in late afternoon and everything was well done and sweet. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I never got my camera out. Everyone else has pictures so I will eventually get some and show them.

Day after the wedding we headed for a week in Seattle. I can’t tell you how hard it was to pack for this trip. Three different temperature zones. Very challenging. Of course, I packed too much and my suitcase weighed a ton. Lesson learned.

That’s it for today. The contractor is coming in a few moments to show the project to a possible excavator guy. There is so much happening before they even get to the house building. We are on a slope and we have to have a stone wall dismantled and rebuilt 3 feet back in order to pass some stupid permit. Sadly, it’s the wall in which my chipmunks live and I’m sure they will go elsewhere for the duration. Kind of wish I could go somewhere too. So far all the guys I have met are very nice and seem to want to make these transitions as smooth as possible. These are the moments that I miss Roger the most. I need my engineer right about now. I am glad I paid attention to some important things while he was here.

More tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.


Terry Grant said...

I love reading about "my" territory as seen through your eyes! I do hope you will come back. Our quilt group often goes to the Tillamook area for retreat and we determined years ago that Tillamook ice cream constitutes a proper meal - one scoop + lunch, 2 scoops + dinner. It is so, so good!

Looking forward to reports on the progress of the house.

Gerrie said...

What Terry said!! The trip to the Seal Caves had me giggling.

Janet said...

One of my favorite trips was to the coastal area of OR so this post brought back some fond memories of the Seal Caves and Tillamook Dairy. I had a chuckle about the wind and weather.

It's good to hear your building project is getting started. I'm sure it will be a bit hectic for awhile but in the end it will be wonderful.

Frances said...

It's definitely better to leave the operation of an excavator to the hands of an expert rather than push random buttons and toy around with such a huge machine.