Sunday, June 03, 2012

thea quilts


thea quilts  This blog is coming to you from Windows Live Writer. I spent too many hours trying to get the cursed blogger to work and this seems like a dream in comparison. Still finding my way around but infinitely better already.

The first week we were in Depot Bay in a lovely condo right on the water. I’ll get those photos in the next few days. We saw Orca and had a very funny incident at the Seal Caves where 60 mile per hour winds nearly knocked me into the Pacific(which it was not that day) and it was 42 degrees. I cursed my stupidity in taking out the sweatshirts I had planned to pack and instead packed more summery stuff. Freezing and sideways rain. More on that another day. I fell in love with Oregon though. Rain or no rain it was fabulous and breathtaking. Here’s a shot of the incredible Colombia River Gorge.


Our niece Michelle married her fianc√© Cody in Richland southeast of Seattle. The wedding was amazingly beautiful. The area is a big agricultural region for wines and fruit. Michelle and Cody were married in a gorgeous vineyard-late afternoon. It was so much fun. Great DJ, great music, great drinks-hold on to your hats…I danced. Just enough to embarrass the kids. Lots of laughs.

We celebrated Dotties 70th by having dinner at the restaurant on top of the Space Needle. It was momentarily challenging since the movement of the place took a tiny bit of getting used to. One whiskey sour later I was fine. Dinner was very posh and very delicious.

Among the many things we managed to squeeze into our week was the Dale Chihuly glass installation below the Space Needle. It was so beautiful we went back late in the day hoping to see things lit up. It was still a little to early but some of the pieces were beginning to twinkle. Wow it was everything I imagined his work to be and then some.

Of course we had to go to Pike Place Market and sample our way through there. We went to International Town next day and went to Uwagimaya, a Japanese store. Everything Japanese and a market within the market. Great fun.

P5290059 P5290046 I’ll be back with more pics and stories soon. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing Oregon and Washington. Love!! The endless plane ride….not so much.


Darcie said...

I love that you're enjoying yourself in the Pacific Northwest! (I'm quietly jealous.) ;] I hope to see more photos.

And dance?! like nobody's watching! ;D

Gerrie said...

And you didn't even see Portland? Hope you come back soon. I have a guest bed with your name on it. So happy that you had such a good time.

Janet said...

It truly is a beautiful part of the country. I'm glad you're having such a good time...even dancing!! Yea!!

Rian said...

I do think it is important for the older, wiser generation to make at least a little spectacle of themselves at a wedding. It gives the younger generation something to look forward to. Auntie Thea is definitely still with it.

Suzan said...

Wonderful to read that you have been having big fun!!