Monday, December 04, 2006

Havin' lunch with these guys

I had a devil of a time trying to get anything to work on Beta Blogger this morning and I hope this will even load-I dragged out some of the Christmas stuff and I'm always happy to see these guys. It's a pre-printed Debbie Mumm panel but it's cheerful and people like the look of it so up it goes-
Winter has come to Long Island-it's crystal clear and you can see all the way across the sound to Bridgeport. The wind is a bit fierce and a little mean so I didn't spend much time outdoors. Tomorrow I will run to the nursery for a tree. We always get Frasier Firs because they have thicker branches that hold heavy ornaments and we have many of those. Plus we are convinced that they last longer and smell wonderful. They drink a lot of water and stay pretty right to the end-then all in one day they drop everything. Since we have done this for many years now we seem to be able to time it perfectly or near perfect anyway. Just about Jan 1 that sucker is dead, dead, dead. Perfect!
This weekend we rented The DaVinci Code- all I have to say is what was all the fuss and hype about? It's not even a really good movie...Meh! Funny, because it contains all the things that would ordinarily make for good watching-fabulous art, religious icons, historical exposition,Tom Hanks, great scenery, but I was nearly asleep in the first 15 min. How could they make a movie about and with all these great things and loose me? It was so dark I had trouble seeing what was happening. I understand the need to transmit the concept of darkness but I hate when I can't see what 's happening-would a little light have killed them? Anyway, like I said-Meh!
I'll go and work on some secret projects now and hopefully tomorrow will go better on blogger. I may spend some time praying that Debra is still talking to me since I threw a wrench into her motor this morning regarding my lack of talent with certain piecing principles. Hi Debra!!Love you!!!!Does anyone else watch The Amazing Race? Thank the Lord those two bimbettes are finally gone-off you go with your tiaras....gag


Rian said...

Dee, I thought The DaVinci Code was pretty good. Of course it could never measure up to the book, but it wasn't that bad. I like those Debbie Mumm panels. Very cute.

Deb R said...

I watch AR and I was glad to see them go too. :-)

PS...thank you for the link you sent today. That was funny!

Debra Spincic said...

I am flexible! I grew up in the Army so we had to be prepared for all kinds of change of plans!!