Thursday, December 07, 2006

panic in the streets!!(O.K. just my street)

Christmas Panic has set in-AGH!!!
I finally managed to get this post done-Blogger was being a pain this morning. Here is the WIP I should have posted yesterday when I just had no more time to play with posting. It's a Laurel Burch pre-print (click to make larger-but it really gets big & I don't know why)and that's about all I have to offer today. I just machine outlined the squares and finished fast. Many Christmas things taking precidence. I'm trying to keep the Christmas spirit going but it always seems to wind up being so hectic feeling that the enjoyment goes out of December and what should be a fun time for the holiday. Of course, if I would make a plan and make things in August-when there is all the time in the world-all of this panic would not be happening. I think a lot of it is artificially induced by merchandising and media but my internal panic button is pushed nevertheless. Speaking of buttons-Below is a button that will take you to a candle which you can light for free. It's a drug company but however they get the money to fight this deadly pervasive disease is O.K. with me.
Off to the stores and grocery etc. maybe I can have some of that gelato fall into my basket again....maybe lemon this timemmmm.

Late Afternoon Addendum-Note to the hubster.. reading this while I'm out shopping...good news-I didn't get the lemon gelato. Bad news-there's still some pistachio


Rian said...

Ease off your inner panic button and just do. Whatever doesn't get done, screw it.

The Carolina Quilter said...

Hi, Dee! If you have your tree up you're doing better than I am. I am using my nasty cold as my excuse for doing alot of nothing today except playing with my new toy, a punch needle. I tend to be like a person taking beginning piano who wants to play Beethoven's Fifth Symphony for the first piece so we'll see how this goes!

Janet said...

I still don't have one single thing decorated! And at this point I may not! I love the quilt. Laurel Burch is one of my favorites.

Needleroozer said...

Dee! You're blogging! How cool. I have gone back and read all of it. How wonderful to see you in the blogging world.

Now to get to putting up OUR decorations!