Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tales of my morning-sushi & flowers & trees, Oh my!!

I had the most productive morning. Clearly all the planets were in alignment and the holiday spirits are happy. I cleaned, shopped, got the tree, got some special cards, stopped for sushi(Hi Garrison!) and some other asian fast-food for my husbands lunch and I am now going to sit and finish writing some letters for the Food Pantry donations. Excellent day. Isn't it great when you set out with a list and actually come back (having forgotten the list) and have everything!!Eureka-hot damn.I did buy one thing that was completely unexpected...pistachio gelato. Gad !I fought with that container until it overwhelmed me and clacked along behind me out to the car jumped up and sat on the windshield blocking my vision until I finally had to relent and give it a ride home with me.

The sushi was delicious and I toasted fruit jar nicky for having a son with great taste and Oh! by the way-she's got talent to die for. Have you seen her woven quilt pieces-go now and look.. I'm going to entertain myself with the pistachio gelato while you do that. I'll be here-I'm the one with the spoon, the gelato, and no self-control.

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