Tuesday, July 03, 2007

let's walk some more& Got Onions????

High there, I enjoyed our walk so much yesterday that I though we'd amble down along the other side today. Still heading for the harbor. In the middle of the road you will notice the trolley tracks. Yes, there was a Trolley back in the early years of the Village and several years ago they tried to re-visit that era with a horse-drawn trolley that ran in the summertime. It's a shame they don't do that anymore-the horse-drawn Trolley was really pretty and the town could use a little horse-sh-t instead of the chicken-sh-t that permeates village politics now. Maybe I'll run on that ticket "More Horse-sh-t, Less Chicken-sh-t" Sorry...I couldn't resist.

And now, in the spirit of complete lunacy-my husband is a great lover of sweet onions. We used to buy the Vidalia's, before they became popular in stores around here, from the farm in Georgia and have them shipped to us. They are delicious and they don't make you cry when you peel them. Love them onions. We also bought Walla Walla Sweets one year. This year, Roger decided to get some Walla Walla and have himself a treat. Here is what we have. I give you...da da da daaaahhh.. This is what 40(YES I SAID 40) pounds of onions looks like.

Everyone we know is getting a bag of Walla Walla Sweets and then we'll still have too many onions. Seriously, there are so few things that drive Roger to order anything for himself, so I'm happy when he's happy. You may be sure that our July 4th will include onions...in some form-or in many forms.

I'm still playin' around with fabric-woefully behind on everything including my 12x12 which will be done in the next century if I don't high-tail it soon. Roger has taken the rest of the week off-so I'm gonna just chill as well. Haope you all have a great 4th and, this is for Janet-we are fairly traditional for this one. burgers- hot dogs-homemade macaroni salad-root beer floats. There will be more onions than usual though. Here's where I'll be most of the time. Pardon my snoringzzzzzz.


Jane Ann said...

I'd vote for ya. "Dee: She Put the Honesty Back in Politics!" ;-)

And BTW, do you live inside a postcard? I can't believe how beautiful your world is.

Janet said...

Oh, how 'bout some crispy, crunchy onion rings!! That's one of my favs....but sadly, off my list! Your town looks so pretty and hometown-like.

Why think small....run for president! The same motto would work there too!!

Rian said...

What a darling little town you live in.

Rian sez: "A gal cain't never have too many onions."

I adore onions.

I cut sweet onions in thick slices, put them on a sheet pan, drizzle olive oil on them (and salt & pepper) and roast them until they get caramelized with brown edges. Then I just eat 'em.

But onion rings would be good, too.

Libby said...

Love the looks of your town - a nice place to take a stroll *s*

Gerrie said...

I love me some sweet onions. I have to look up a recipe that is in the corner of my brain. And, I would vote for you too and follow behind you with a shovel!